Optimizing your Small Space into a Gorgeous Bedroom


From finding that comfortable and modern bedroom chair that is just right, to discovering the most complementary end tables or ideal lighting, designing the perfect bedroom is all a matter of details. When faced with the obstacle of limited space, however, the trick is to design intelligently, work well with the space that you have, and let your individuality shine through.

Back to Basics

Small spaces don’t have to be a hurdle to that designer bedroom that you have in your mind. Pair your creativity with some practicality and you are on your way to the room of your dreams.

Respecting the space that you have is the only way to truly transform that space into a place where you feel comfortable and can relax. Minimalism is a must, especially when it comes to decorations. A small space can easily look cluttered, so you will want to keep surfaces clean and free of unnecessary items. Walls should also remain quite sparse and should be used practically. Instead of cluttering the walls with art and other decorations, one option is to keep the walls clean and choose a simple but vivid color for the walls.

Some of the space-saving choices are obvious, like smaller furniture and of course a perfectly sized bed. As it is after all the central piece of furniture in any bedroom, the bed is obviously important, just don’t let it take up all of the space in the room. Select the appropriate model to compliment the space you are working with, but remember to choose a mattress that has both quality and comfort. Another aspect that cleans up a room and better utilizes limited space is foregoing a headboard. Headboards take up unnecessary space on walls that can be used for much better things, like shelving and storage.

Well-thought-out Shelving and Storage

Well-thought-out storage, like storage units that also work as an elaborate head board or bed framing technique are not only a good space saver, but are incredibly modern and in style right now. This utilizes the space above and around the bed very intelligently, while allowing everything to look clean and clutter-free. Paired with under-bed storage, this can help eliminate the need for a wardrobe or dresser that takes up some much needed space in the room.

Shelving can also be your best friend. Some carefully placed shelves can work well for storage as well as for decorative aspects. Wall mounted shelves free up space that floor standing desks and dressers otherwise take away.

Calculated Lighting

Utilize light. Calculated lighting is key. Overhead lighting as opposed to standing lamps or bedside table lamps can help save space. Sconce lighting can also be implemented to save room, as well as looking incredibly clean in fashion.

Further emphasizing natural light through drawing attention to windows can also be very helpful in opening up a small space, as will using light colored walls and color pallets to make the space look bigger. For an added trick to harness both light and give a bit of size, use a mirror or two to add an illusion of depth to a small space.