Organizing a Vacation the Modern Way


Vacation planning in the past required a series of phone calls to hotels, airlines and car rental companies to find out about rates and availability. With the online world ruling society, there are almost no phone calls to make. You essentially research your potential destination online and book everything through certain websites. However, there are still specific tips to keep your vacation within budget with the right amenities.

Online Travel Search Engines

There are several online travel websites geared toward the package deal. Purchase your flight, hotel, cruise and rental car in one transaction to see the discounts add up. Be aware of your computer’s cookies, however. Cookies track your Web footprint, telling sites you’ve visited them before for a quote. Clearing your cookies makes the travel site see you as a new customer, offering a better deal when you punch in your details.

Travel Agent Benefits

Although the Internet makes everyone relatively self-sufficient when booking their own vacation, travel agents still have the inside track to extraordinary deals. Click here to find your best travel deal. Agents have networking contacts on their side. Find yourself a qualified professional who has worked your destination before. You could see substantial savings with their help.

Direct Customer Perks

Because there is a lot of third-party competition, many airlines and hotels make it worth the consumer’s time to visit and book their vacation directly on the provider’s site. They may offer free checked bags or a reasonable discount on flights. Shop around to different companies to find the best pricing. A phone call could even pay off as you talk to a hotel manager about last-minute deals.

Those Reward Cards

For travelers with rewards cards, it’s often best to book through the card’s concierge or customer service program. Redeeming points or miles for the next vacation is a smart move, but use the benefits wisely. Blackout dates and exorbitant points for just one seat on a flight can reduce the value substantially. Use bonus points and transfers effectively to see the card work for you. Taking as many vacations as possible is a goal for most people.

Talk to your family about their vacation goals. Unusual or unique vacation destinations may require a travel agent’s expertise to find the right accommodations. From comparing hotel rates to securing that safari tour, planning a vacation should be just as exciting as taking one.