Outdoor Activities – Are They Expensive?


A lot of people love staying and planning their time outside. Especially in the time of COVID-19, we have an unstoppable need to go out and spend a few hours on fresh air – either for the sake of doing sport, camping, or simply going for a walk.

However, some say that outdoor activities are relatively expensive and it’s not worth the effort to take them up, as they require a lot of equipment and investment. Is it really true that choosing various outdoor activities as a hobby is costly?

We’ve investigated this subject and compared the costs on the basis of a few examples, so keep reading!

Hiking – Costs & Equipment


Hiking is probably one of the first things that come to your mind when thinking of spending time outdoors. It can be done almost all year round, in every weather condition, and by people of different physical resistance. 

To start hiking, you don’t need to buy any special equipment or clothing at first. It’s enough to take a pair of sports shoes, a waterproof jacket, comfortable trousers, and a T-shirt. If you fancy Nordic walking, you can also add a pair of walking poles to your equipment.

For longer hikes, you’ll probably need some more items, such as a sustainable backpack, a travel mug, or a compass. These things might be a little more expensive and necessary to buy, as you probably don’t have all of them at home. 

Basically, hiking doesn’t have to cost a lot, at least at the start. Provided that you can make use of some items, such as the clothes you already have, you surely won’t spend a fortune. Hiking gadgets seem to be more expensive, but you still don’t need to buy top-quality items to start with. You can find some examples of budget hiking equipment and tips on outdoor activities at OutdoorWithJ.

Camping – Is It Costly?


Another common outdoor activity, especially in summer, is camping. It surely requires more preparation than hiking, but it’s a great alternative to spending your holidays in expensive hotels. It’s a great option for people who love to have contact with nature and are not scared of any possible inconveniences.

A basic camping set surely includes a tent, a sleeping bag, and a foam camping mat. Most probably, you’ll also need a warm blanket, a torch, and a power bank or a portable charger. As going camping involves spending more time outdoors, the amount of necessary equipment is also more significant.

Additionally, if you’re planning to cook on your own, you need to have a portable cooker, some cups and plates, ready-made foods and drinks. Hygiene is another aspect that every camper needs to care about – travel sets of cosmetics and other products also need to be counted in.

Camping seems to be a little more costly than hiking, as it involves preparations for a longer stay. You need to plan in advance what to take and be prepared for various circumstances. To get some more general camping tips, click here.

Outdoor Sports – How Expensive Are They?

Another form of outdoor activity involves doing sports. It is an extremely wide and popular area, as everyone may choose a discipline that fits their needs best. 

Sports fans can choose, for example, playing golf, tennis, or badminton. These disciplines are easy to take up in a group or individually, which makes them quite universal. 

Among these three, golf seems to be the most costly, as it not only requires buying equipment such as a golf club, but also paying a golf course fee is compulsory if you want to learn how to play it properly. However, once you get your outfit and know all the rules to play without an instructor, the game doesn’t seem to be that costly.

A less demanding game is, for sure, badminton. To start playing it, you simply need a racket or two and a shuttle. Badminton can be played wherever you are, the only restrictions concern a lot of open space, which makes playing a lot easier and more pleasant. To read more about the rules of badminton and types of equipment, click here.

Tennis is another game that can be real fun for those who love being outdoors. Nevertheless, in this case as well, you will need to buy some equipment, such as a tennis racket and special clothes. What is more, tennis should be played on a dedicated court, so you will have to pay a subscription fee to access it. If you’re a real tennis fan and you have enough funds, you may buy a court as well to have unlimited access to your favorite game. You can compare the prices on this website.


Spending time outdoors can involve a wide range of activities. Some of them include playing sports and games, such as tennis, badminton or golf, others are focused on more long-term entertainment, like for example camping or hiking. 

Activities that require buying special equipment or that can be performed only in certain places are definitely more costly than these with no such limits. However, to start doing any outdoor activity, you don’t have to spend a fortune on preparations if you choose one of the less expensive ones.

It’s enough to take some sports clothes, go out, and simply enjoy the weather! Also, if you’re not sure if your new hobby is the right one for you, you can rent some equipment at first.