Outdoor Spaces That Pop


How to Turn Your Drab Outdoor Space into a Place That You Will Never Want to Leave

There is a considerable amount of focus these days on how the interior of our home is presented to others. We want it to be modern and inviting for all who enter our home, but the exterior of our home is often neglected. It is a belief that as long is the grass is cut and the weeds are eliminated from the exterior walls of our home, then we have done all that we can do. This is however definitely not all that can be done.

The exterior of a home should have great appeal. There is always that one house on any block that is considered to have the ugliest yard and that makes the home itself unappealing to anyone that would possibly make a visit. We see television shows and movies that depict artfully decorated spaces that are perfect for entertaining countless friends and family, but these types of spaces seem like a pipe dream to most of us. The cost of raising a family and actually purchasing the home leaves little left for the custom exterior space that we all dream about.

There is however little need in investing your hard earned money on designer furnishings that ultimately look the same as everyone else’s furnishings they have within their yard. You can have the custom exterior space you desire with simple details that enable your space to stand out in a crowd. It is not in how much you spend on the furniture of your outdoor space, but rather the seemingly small details that turn a boring space into an elegant and conversation starting space for everyone to enjoy year round.

A Walk to Remember

Walking around the yard of our home should be very comfortable and allow us to feel a sense of belonging. It is however hard to feel as though you belong when there is nothing in the space that says anything about your personality. Paths throughout an exterior space can give even the smallest of yards’ personality. Paths also have the ability to take a very large space and break it up into smaller, more intimate areas that your guests can feel comfortable within. Apart from these all important attributes, paths have the added bonus of giving guests the ability to know where they should walk which will save your grass from being destroyed by confused guests that do not know that you would prefer them to stay off of the grass as much as possible.

Pathway stones can be found at any sort of outdoor supply store throughout the world and there are even some paths that can even be made by you to add the maximum amount of creativity to your outdoor space. If, however you are like many of us that desire to make many of the crafts we see, yet lack the actual ability to produce something that looks pleasing to the eye, you can still have your custom outdoor kitchen through 3D printed pieces that can be used within or even as your pathway throughout your home’s exterior.

3D models are not just for the animation industry or for use within your next presentation. They are now being manufactured for many aspects of life including exterior home décor such as pathway stones. The 3D printing process has significantly grown from utilizing simple white plastic to incorporate a variety of different materials that are perfect for exterior pathway use making it possible for you to have the path stones that you have always dreamed of making your yard a place people want to be.

Intricate Design

Apart from the pathway stones within your yard you want to have the ability to further enhance the space with custom trinkets throughout. These specialized items can be anything from oversized lady bugs hanging out in the garden, to intricately designed butterflies seeming to fly through the trees. The possibilities are endless when it comes to our mind’s eye, but selection can be very limited in our local home stores.

Most of these stores only stock the items that they know will appeal to most buyers, yet your tastes may not be exactly like another’s, so you need to turn to another source for all of your exterior décor needs. 3D models can be made into any shape and from any material, so they are perfect for all of your specialized exterior home décor projects. Having that unique piece within any space is sure to get the conversation started and keep it going throughout the night. Some specialized pieces can even incorporate lighting effects to give your outdoor space the ambiance that it has been waiting for turning your parties into the it place to be in town. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is dream and find a 3D printer to make your dreams a reality.