Outdoor Spring Cleaning: Tips to Get Your Home’s Exteriors Ready For Spring


When most people hear the phrase “spring cleaning,” their minds immediately go to the interiors of their home. This is a common way of thinking for many people and it’s because that’s just how it’s always been. When the new year comes, everyone is on a new health kick cleaning up old eating and thinking habits… But in the midst of cleaning up personal habits, people also like to clean up their home environments as well… but not until spring when the weather is a little warmer!


Once springtime comes, everyone is breaking out their rubber gloves, disinfectant sprays, and other cleaning utensils to clean up the “junk” from the previous year to make room for bigger and better things. Though that may be a bit of a superstition to some, it’s indeed a long-lived tradition for spring cleaning.

The only problem with this spring cleaning tradition is that people only take heed to it for the interiors of their homes, when really, the exteriors of a home need just as much attention as the interiors of a home does, and sometimes more.

People tend to forget that the interiors of a home are well-maintained all throughout the year, whereas, the exteriors of a home has to endure weather, climate, humidity, and extreme temperatures all year long… And if you’re anything like most homeowners, you only tend to the exteriors of your home when something happens and it needs tending to. 

Being that we’re early into the new year, lets make exterior preventive maintenance a new “thing” among homeowners. This year, consider making the exteriors of your home your primary focus instead of the interiors of your home. If you’re up to switching your spring cleaning tradition around a bit, take a look at how you can spring clean the exteriors of your home this year.

Spring Cleaning Tips For the Exterior of Your Home 

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters are designed to drain water away from your home and foundation, especially in inclement weather, but when they’re clogged or full of debris, it will hold water and cause water damage to your home and the foundation of your home. You’ll want to check your gutters to see if there are any cracks or leaks and if the gutter is loose. But this will require you to climb a ladder, which if used incorrectly, can result in severe injury. If you’re uneasy or nervous about using a ladder, check out the ladder safety tips from OSHA.

Inspect Your Roof and Siding

Your roof and siding are the biggest protectors of your home because they shield you from the outdoor elements. But these particular parts of your home are dangerous to attempt repairing on your own. You would simply go outside and do a walk around your home and look for things like warping, holes, and missing shingles on your roof; Similarly, you’ll want to look for rotting, fading, and growths on your siding.

If you do indeed notice any of these signs on your roof or siding, you’ll want to get in touch with GS Exterior Experts and request an estimate for siding replacement as well as an estimate for roofing services as well. Don’t attempt these repairs on your own.

Clean Up Your Yard

A true sign that fall has arrived is the pile of leaves in your yard, and if you don’t rake those up, they’re still going to be in your yard once the snow melts come springtime. Springtime is the perfect time to get your yard back in order after the havoc that winter has done to it.

Everything from raking up the debris leftover from fall and winter and cutting the grass to hiring a landscaping company to treat your yard for seeding and tree removal, the winter weather can do a great deal of harm to your yard and when spring arrives, it’s your time to clean it up and bring it back to life.

Pressure Wash Your Sidewalk and Driveway

If you live in an area where you get even the slightest bit of snow, then you know that snow can hold lots of dirt and debris. Unfortunately, with snow holding dirt, it has a tendency to stick to your driveway and sidewalk, somewhat staining it… The good news is that it’s not permanent. By renting or buying a pressure washer, you can easily pressure wash your driveway and sidewalk, making it look like winter never impacted it in any way.