Outdoor Thanksgiving Table Decorations


If you wish to make this Thanksgiving meal a more special one, we suggest you to take it to the outdoors. The nature itself, the fresh air, and hopefully the good sunny weather can help you enjoy more in the good time with your family and friends.

Decorating an outdoor Thanksgiving table is easier than you think, because the bushes, grass and tress can be part of the decor. Choose the color that you like for the tablecloth, napkins and centerpiece. Add some glided pumpkins and candle holders if you prefer a stylish and modern style better than rustic. And if you still want to stick to the rustic style, add some wood slices, leaves and some rustic style fruits and vegetables. But no matter of the style you choose, don’t forget to add some cushions and blankets that will make this outdoor experience cozy and warm. Check out our ideas below and find an inspiration for your Thanksgiving table decor. Enjoy!

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