Outfitting Your Corporate Team’s Sportswear Right


A strong team spirit is a key factor in determining the level of success any team will attain to, be it in the world of sports or on the corporate scene.

Sentiments of camaraderie within the group will help team members reach top levels of performance and achieve a common goal. Also, among other things, a great team uniform will help make co-workers feel united as they wear a visible sign of your team’s spirit.

But where can you find the highest quality materials and workmanship, keep up with current fashions and trends, and still fully customize your “team sportswear” to your specific company or sports team name/logo? Check out Brand RPM, and you will find custom-branded corporate apparel and sportswear readily available, amazingly affordable, and deliverable on surprisingly short notice.

Top Brands Fully Customized to Your Team’s Needs

Let’s say you want the quality and name recognition of Adidas, Nike, Patagonia, Carhartt, Under Armour, or any other top brand but fully customized with your team or corporate logo and name. Maybe you want the name of each team member embroidered on his/her uniform, which of course, is sized just right.

As mentioned above, there are companies that fulfill all such visions and do it quickly, hassle free, and at a competitive rate. You might be looking to outfit your high school basketball team, a college football squad, a local retail or food-service establishment, or an office staff. It doesn’t really matter.

A Multitude of Items You Can Put Your Team’s Mark On

But your options are not at all limited only to GoalKeeper Gloves, jerseys, and trousers and maybe a T-shirt or company hat. In fact, there are dozens of different items you can make put your “team stamp” on.

That includes clothings items like polos, sweaters, hoodies, pants, shorts, “skorts,” windbreakers, rain coats, parkas, tank tops, ball caps, beanies, dress clothes, and more. It also includes promotional style items like lunch boxes, coolers, duffel bags, umbrellas, chairs, blankets, towels, and briefcases.

Thus, team-marked products from top brands will both create team unity and help you advertise your team/business in the community. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Benefits of a Properly Outfitted Corporate Sports Team

Why bother to invest in team-centric apparel and accessories? Is it really worth it? What does it accomplish? To answer these questions (I’m glad you asked!), here are some of the major benefits of outfitting your corporate sports team with style:

  • Your snappy new uniforms/corporate attire will both create and show a sense of team unity that can only boost morale and encourage genuine teamwork.
  • When fans/customers see your team outfitted “right,” they will take note. It will turn heads and draw in positive comments. It’s a form of advertising as well as a team spirit tool.
  • Your workers will be instantly identifiable to customers, and your sport team members will be easily distinguished on and off the field.
  • You can order “extra” team-marked clothes/items to sell to fans or to give away to customers as promotional items.

Thus, on multiple fronts, your team or business stands to benefit from investing in high-quality, branded, customized corporate sportswear team accessories.