Outstanding Small Kitchen Islands That Steal The Show


Is there anyone who doesn’t love kitchen islands? I don’t think so! Kitchen islands are a must for every kitchen because they are super functional. Even if your kitchen is extra small, there is a still solution for you. Even the tiniest of kitchens have space for tiny islands. I have collected some for you, so make sure you scroll down and take a look at the Outstanding Small Kitchen Islands That Steal The Show. You are going to be amazed with the amazing designs that have fitted in the limited space. You don’t need a huge footprint in order to design a beautiful and functional kitchen with an island, and the photos below will show you that with smart ideas everything is possible!

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You are going to adore these extra small kitchen island because there are so many advantages about them, that in fact we can’t imagine our lives without them. They will provide you with more storage space and will serve you for multiple of purposes. The area for the preparation of food would be extended thanks to them, and plus you will have a breakfast nook for a quick snack in the morning.

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The grand kitchens with huge kitchen islands are now outdated. People choose to implement small designs due to bigger functionality and easier maintenance. The tiny kitchen island can do as much work as the big one if designed in a smart way. Plus, the smaller islands add more to the aesthetic look of the kitchen area.

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The tiny square kitchen island are magnificent because the space in the middle is not wasted, and they are super easy to clean. They are not difficult to access from any side. You can also put casters on them and make them mobile so they can be easily moved from one corner to the other for the times you need additional space.

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The additional worktop surface is wonderful too because in this way anyone who’s preparing a meal in the kitchen and has visitors in the dining or living room, can both watch and listen to them while cooking. Don’t you love it?

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If you are living in a small studio or apartment, the kitchen island can serve you as a dining area as well. It’s perfect for couples who can’t allow a bigger apartment yet!

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If you don’t need that much storage space as the island has to offer you, it’s better to design it in a way in which you can tuck away the bar stools when you are not using them. What do you think about the kitchen designs that you saw here? They all feature tiny kitchen islands and we have to admit that they look great. I would love to hear from you, so please leave your comments below!

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