Overview of Promoting a Business with Custom Lapel Pins and Coins


If you are a business owner, or involved in the marketing of a particular venture, you likely find yourself routinely looking for items onto which the company’s logo can readily be placed. Lapel pins are an ideal concept when it comes to the hunt for quality items onto which a business’ logo can be placed in an attractive manner.

Custom Enamel Lapel Pins

Custom enamel lapel pins are a prime idea for business of different types. Custom lapel pins can readily be crafted with the logo of a business. In addition, these types of lapel pins can be designed in ubiquitous ways. They can be fashioned for special events, to commemorate an anniversary, to recognize employees, and for nearly anything that a business and its marketing or personnel team might imagine.

The Monterey Company is a leader in this arena and can craft either soft custom enamel lapel pins or hard custom enamel lapel pins, depending on the objectives of a firm wanting lapel pins.

Hard enamel lapel pins tend to be considered of higher quality. This type of pin is a bit more expensive than the soft enamel version because of the manner in which hard enamel is baked and because of polishing process designed to leave the enamel and metal flush.

Soft enamel pins have die struck metal. Into the recessed areas created by the casting, enamel is added, but only to fill part of the recess.

Base and Finish Metals and Budgeting

Businesses and organizations have varied budgets when it comes to items like custom lapel pins. For this reason, the Monterey Company is capable of scaling the costs associated with custom lapel pins contingent upon the base metal used. Base metal options include bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel, zinc, pewter, and iron.

The manner in which lapel pins are finished is both budget and stylistically driven. Lapel pins can be finished in copper, silver, or gold. A team member from the Monterey Company works closely with each client to make sure all objectives are met.

Custom Coins as a Promotional Resource

An alternative, or companion piece, to lapel pins is the custom coin. Custom coins can prove to be useful marketing tools for a number of reasons, including design flexibility and versatility of use. The soft versus the hard derivation of these types of pins is defined by the height of the enamel on a particular pin. Soft enamel is recessed. Hard enamel is on the same level as the surrounding metal.

Custom coins can be popular “swag” at events like conferences, conventions, and tradeshows. They are attractive and substantial in appearance. Moreover, they can be easily pocketed by a person attending an event, avoiding filling hands whilst conference goers and tradeshow attendees are making the rounds. In other words, custom coins are items that people naturally hold on to, during and following a confab or tradeshow.

What many business owners and marketing specialists do not fully realize is the expansive derivations of materials and designs that can be utilized in the creation of custom coins.

The Monterey Company provides an expansive selection of custom coin material and design options that include:

  • dual plated
  • soft enamel
  • 3D gold
  • 2D black plated
  • 3D antique bronze
  • 3D antique copper

The Monterey Company can also craft custom coins utilizing a cutout design, something that is not widely available from the competition. In addition, Monterey Company can create die struck coins in different shapes and any size. In short, the specific needs and vision of a business or organization can be met via custom coins from Monterey.


Jessica Kane is a writer for The Monterey Company, who have been manufacturing custom lapel pins for over 25 years.