Do Paint Sprayers Really Save You Money?


Paint sprayers used to be a tool that’s only for pros and industrial-scale projects. However, there are several models now that are affordable, easy-to-use and designed even for small DIY projects. If you’re interested in buying one, you probably have asked the following questions: Which is more expensive – using rollers and brushes, or a paint sprayer? Will investing in a paint sprayer save you money?

Before we compare, let’s quickly go through on how a paint sprayer works.

Paint sprayers can pump out paint coming from a small container or through a hose that connects to a gallon of paint. The nozzle is designed to spray the paint in a fan-like pattern, you can choose a size to widen or reduce spray, and how thick the amount of paint is released.  There are high power air paint sprayers that are good for large area projects, and high volume and low-pressure spray guns (HVLP) that are perfect for do-it-yourself projects. Make sure to read through paint sprayer reviews to determine the best model and parts based on the projects you’ll work on.

Save Time, Save Money

It is not questionable that paint sprayers can help finish the work faster for large projects than using paint brushes and rollers. By the time you finish painting an area with a roller, a paint sprayer can cover about four times or more in a second.

How long does it take to paint a wall with brush or rollers? Depending on the size of the project it can takes hours. Rollers and brushes can only cover small area per stroke, however, when you’re using a paint sprayer, it covers a larger area per second. You can spray up and down and cover a wall from top to bottom in a shorter time!

If you’re a contractor, having a paint sprayer will help finish the paint jobs faster. The faster you finish; the more time you can allot for other projects. Save time, then definitely you can save money.

Does the Paint Sprayer Save Paint?

This is usually where the grey area comes when determining whether the paint sprayer really saves money or not.

On instances that you need to paint small objects, many will advise that it’s better to use a brush. When using a paint sprayer, the droplets or mist can go almost everywhere it’s not supposed to go be. This is why in this case, it’s better to use a brush to save paint.

However, for large projects which involve walls, fences, and wide flat surfaces, the paint sprayer definitely wins and will save you paint and money. Many users say that it can gobble up gallons of paint fast, but it can apply the paint evenly and efficiently. With proper configuration, you can get that glass-like, and even finish in no time.

Say you’re using a roller, usually, you have to run it several times to even out the paint. Apart from the wasted paint on drippings, you’ll usually need another coat to even out the color or contrast. On the other hand, the paint sprayer can cover a large area of the wall in seconds and when adjusted properly, it can produce that smooth finish on a single run that usually you don’t need a second or third coat.  

For DIY, Say Goodbye to Contractor Fees

If you want to have your fence repainted, you’ll usually get different quotes from contractors. However, if you have some extra time, you can go ahead and use a paint sprayer to easily finish the project by yourself. Once you have the paint sprayer, all you need to invest on is the time and money on paint.


Sure enough, the cost of buying a paint sprayer is more expensive than brushes and rollers. However, the advantage of investing in a paint sprayer goes a long way and sums up over time. Let’s compare the options.

Depending on the project, you’ll usually buy brushes and rollers based on the surface type and size. In most cases, you won’t be able to reuse them right away especially if you’ll be using different paint color and liquid type. Once the paint dries out, getting it cleaned can be hard and might damage the foam. In other words, it doesn’t last long.

On the other hand, paint sprayers are more versatile. You can use the appropriate nozzle and pressure depending on the area that you need to spray on. When painting walls, it can be adjusted to widen the spray and cover as much area as needed. It can also be used to paint fences and furniture. How about moldings and rough surfaces? The paint sprayer can do the job efficiently and usually, there’s no need to use the brush to paint small holes and rough surfaces over. And best of all, you can clean it and use the equipment for your next project.

These are advantages that show how paint sprayers save you money, and how it’s a good investment. Remember, choose an affordable paint sprayer that matches your needs and projects. Just like any equipment, learn how to properly clean and maintain it so that it’ll serve you for a long time, and save you more money.