Perfect Makeup Ideas to Look Like a Princess on Your Ring Ceremony


You must be super excited that your wedding day is finally near. But, before that is the ring ceremony and hundreds will be there to shower their blessings. Quite obviously, you would want to look the best for that day. So, here are some of the makeup suggestions that you can follow to look the best and the prettiest.

Ideas for the Day Ceremony

Loud makeup and dramatic colors is a strict no-no for ring ceremonies that take place in the day time. The best thing to do will be to decide the color of the makeup according to your skin complexion. Following is a simple guide:

  • The aqua blue blush  

The most appropriate color for a fair skinned bride, aqua blue would be a perfect blush for your cheeks. Make sure that it is a light shade and just a touch up would be enough. The eye shadow should also match the color you choose for your cheeks. For the lips, you can opt for baby pink or any light shade of pink by availing the Purplle offers.

  • The turquoise and green approach

Anything that is on the lighter shade of green or turquoise is the most appropriate for brides with wheatish skin. Although red can be a very intriguing color, but it would be best to avoid considering the fact that ceremony is being held in the afternoon or day. The lipstick can however be of a light reddish color with matte finish.

Ideas for the Night Ceremony

Most ring ceremonies take place in the evening or at night. You get the entire day to select the dress that you want to wear and the makeup that would look best on you for the event. Here is another makeup guide for ring ceremonies in the evening:

  • Pink and peach based blusher

Blushes of peach or light pink shades will be the most attractive color for those who have a fair skin tone. The blusher would be crucial for the cheeks if you have an oval face. For your eyes, you can choose from the varieties of aqua green or aqua blue, but do ensure that they are in their light shades. A lavender lipstick will complete your makeup and you will look gorgeous for the ring ceremony.

  • Tangy wine or orange colors

Do not overdo the makeup for the evening if you have a dusky skin tone. Play along with the colors that will compliment this kind of skin tone and you will be appreciated by everyone. Colors like orange or wine would suit the best for your cheeks while you can choose metallic colors like tangerine or orange or copper or gold to highlight your eyes. The lipstick can be a touch darker in shade like dark wine or maroon or chocolate brown.

  • Earthen colors of brown and red or cinnamon

If you are one of those who have a long or oval shaped face with wheatish skin, then brown or red with earthy tones would look fabulous for the ring ceremony. Pay special attention to the colors because you should always look for earthy colors if you have a wheatish skin. Your eyes and lips will also have variations of different earthy tones such as brown or red or cinnamon which you can buy availing the coupons on

You should have a clear understanding of your skin tone. This will help choose the best color for the makeup. The event can be a ring ceremony or a wedding or a reception, but the makeup colors you choose will determine how good you look for the particular event.