The Perfect Plants To Brighten Up Your Home


With spring on our doorstep and summer just around the corner what better way to brighten up your home than with some beautiful, sweet-smelling, brightly-coloured flowers?

Not only will they brighten up your home but coupled with the sunlight streaming through your window and the smell of freshly cut grass in the air, they will brighten up your mood too.

Not sure what to fill your vases with? Then here are just a few ideas that are guaranteed to fill your home with colour.


Daffodils are the symbol of spring, so they’re the perfect flower to introduce to brighten up you home, with their bright yellow petals. Why not grow them in your garden, so you can enjoy the splashes of yellow outside as well? Then you can pick them, as and when you want, to fill the vases inside your home. If you don’t have a big garden – perhaps your outside area is just a small patio or a balcony – then you could plant them in pots – it will have the same effect.


Tulips also signal the arrival of spring and have become a real symbol of the season. They are available in a wide variety of colours; from pretty pastel pinks to purples, reds and yellows with some even feature multi -coloured petals. They are ideal to combine with other spring flowers, such as ranunculus and anemone.  

Carnivorous Plant

These plants, also known as insect eating plants, do just that – eat insects. The most popular and one you are most likely to have heard of is the Venus Flytrap. These plants are unique and will be an interesting addition to your home but while they are guaranteed to be a talking point amongst your guests due to their quirkiness they are also perfect for brightening up the space. Most are bright green and tend to have dark red running through them – some more prominently than others. Intrigued? Check out these ones from Bakker – and add something a little more exotic to your living room.  


Orchids will make a beautiful addition to your home – with their colourful and often fragrant blooms. These flowers do require quite a lot of care but the result is worth it and if you do it right they will provide you with a long-lasting flower display.


Succulents are very on-trend right now – so much so that apparently the next big beauty trend is growing them on your nails! While a succulent may not be the most practical addition to your fingernails, it will make a great addition to your home. They come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes and can be displayed in a variety of ways from unusual pots to glass jars.

So, what are you waiting for? Plants are an easy and cost effective way to brighten up your home and your mood, instantly. Choose your favourite, or go for all five and dot them throughout your house, so you feel the benefits as you make your way from room to room.