Pests to Watch Out for this Summer in Australia

Close-up of a live Yellow Jacket Wasp

Summertime is a time for sun and fun. It is also the time when an increase in pest activity has been observed. Just like us, pests seem to enjoy the warmer months. There are quite several pests that become prevalent in the summer months and can overrun your property if left unchecked. It is, therefore,imperative to keep in mind the types of pests that are prone to appearing in your area. 

One of the most common summer pests is mosquitoes. The appearance of these creatures is almost synonymous with the heat. Mosquitoes pose a particular danger to you and your family, as they are known to spread a variety of deadly diseases like Malaria and Dengue Fever. The Zika Virus is also a major health concern that is spread by mosquitoes.Flies are also numerous in the warmer months of the summer season. They, too, are known disease carriers. They tend to go from place to place, landing in conditions of all sorts as they feed. They will pick up all manner of harmful aspects from very many different areas and will then become transfer vessels. They may land on various places within your surrounding and may transfer any number of disease-causing elements, thus putting you at risk.

Fleas can be a particular problem in the summer. With the sun out, you will more than likely spend more time outdoors, accompanied by your beloved pets. This creates ideal conditions for fleas as they favour feeding on your furry companions. Not only do they bite, but they also spread diseases once they are in contact with the blood of the animal that they are feeding on. Fleas are particularly challenging to control as it is hard to spot them in the first place. You must remain vigilant and inspect your pet regularly, especially if they spend a lot of time outside in the summer.

 You should also be aware of rats. They are very active pests and stand out for the fact that they can introduce other pests into the area they have infested. Rats are known to breed and reproduce in large numbers and very quickly. They will also tend to cause a lot of damage in any area that they invade. Rats can chew through food, furniture, and even wiring. 

Ants have higher reproduction rates in the summer. Thus their population rates tend to balloon at this time. They are most commonly drawn into the home in search of food. Food that has been left out is a major draw for them. It is advised that you are more careful in your food storage habits in order to prevent a swarm.

In addition to the ones that have been listed above, other pests that are common in the summer include ticks, cockroaches and even possums. If you know that any of these pests present a potential risk of infestation, you can remain vigilant and avoid any adverse effects by employing preventative measures in good time.

The most effective method of prevention is keeping a current pest management plan in place. Along with the recruitment of a reputable pest control service, a good strategy for pest control will eventually serve to give you greater peace of mind in the summer as you keep safe and away from harm.