Phrases that do not cost a thing but make everyone’s day better


“You turn me into the best version of myself”

Isn’t it beautiful to wake up with such a message on your screen? That’s how someone says “thank you for your good influence on my life”. That means there is someone out there who appreciates you and is thankful for having you in their life.

Sometimes life can be difficult, even painful and sad. There are days when everyhing seems to be wrong or go into a bad direction. However, even a simple phrase can lift you to the sky and change your mood in a few seconds. Knowing that you are being appreciated is the best feeling one can have.

But you are not the only one to have bad days. Sad but true, everyone have them. Therefore, next time you think of someone make sure you let them know how thankful you are to have them in your life, how blessed you are to enjoy their presence and how happy you are to know they just exist somewhere out there.

Being kind is the most beautiful feature one can have. It means you have respect for the people that surround you, you consider their feelings and it is important for you to make them feel good.

By only saying “Your presence is inspiring for me. You always spread such a positive energy” is something that can lift some person’s character and change their mood, even when they are full of negative energy at the moment. By telling someone he is always positive which has a positive influence on you, you somehow make them don’t wanna let you down this time too. So they immediately do their best in order to switch their current mood.

“You are way more attractive than you think you are” has influence on people’s self-respect and self-confidence. It is a small, yet good gesture that makes magic. It is the confirmation that someone has been waiting to hear. Telling them you see them more attractive than they think you are is a sign you notice their appearance and the way they show up for you.

“I really appreciate our friendship and I am so blessed to have you in my life.” Not only do the partners deserve compliments but the friends too. Telling them how much you appreciate what you have with them makes them want to always be and show the best version of themselve. It shows them their effort for doing anything for you is vivid, therefore they will try their best to not let you down, ever.

“I am always here for you, no matter what. I always have your back!” This is a pure confirmation they can always count on you and they can feel safe having you in my life. Even when the things go wrong, at least they know they are not alone in this. Being always able to lend a hand or give an advice is a huge mental help.

The life is not ment to be lived alone, therefore compliment as much as you can, share your deepest feelings and make sure you make someone’s day by only saying a single phrase.