Phrases you should avoid saying during your job interview


The job interview can give you the job you have always dreamed of or it can either make the employer throw your job application and your documents right away once you leave the office. You should consider this opportunity as unique and the only chance to leave a good first impression that will make the employer choose you over any other candidate. You basicly sell yourself in these ten minutes you have to present your own worth and your compatibility.

Unfortunatelly, the stress and the fast speaking can easilly destroy all the plans and all that you have been preparing yourself for the great job. This can make you to, unwillingly, leave a wrong picture about yourself in the eyes of the employer. Nowadays the competition on the labor market is so great that it is a real miracle if they even call you for an interview. Therefore, when you get your chance to stand out and show your worth, you shall not throw it away and waste it. So if you are looking for a new job and they call you on an interview, these are the things you should avoid sharing:

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I´m sorry I’m late but…(excuse)

It is acceptable to come late on an interview only if you wish you won’t get the job. We hope this is not the case with you. The punctuality is of crucial importance. It says a lot about your motivation, determination and dedication. Excuses such as ”I missed the bus” or ”My car suddenly died” аre as bad as ”It’s not me, it’s the traffic jam”. This won’t change the fact that you showed off late. Your late comming will be considered as a great irresponsability and it will only suggest your potential employer that you are such a bad organized person not worth their trust.

I must pick up the phone call, it is so important for me…

If the phone call is more important than your future job than go on and pick up the phone call indeed. This behaviour is bad, immature and it leaves an image of an unpolite person. The same goes for the text messages. Therefore the best way to avoid such problems is to turn off your phone before entering for an interview.

I don’t know…

The golden rule for a job interview: Never say you do not know something. Say you can’t remember instead or that you are going to investigate it later but never ever say you do not know something. Actually, any other reply but ”I don’t know” is acceptable.

Weaknesses? I have no weaknesses…

No one is perfect and that’s a fact. We all have weaknesses so pronouncing the phrase that you have no weaknesses won’t make you a better peson. So actually before going for an interview think about them because you will have to confess them. However, think about some that will not affect your chances to win the job possition. Instead say something that has nothing to do with the job, but it is your weakness indeed. The people appreciate more when someone is being honest in stead of trying to fake perfection.