Places Around Switzerland You Cannot Afford to Miss


One of the reasons many people visit Switzerland is because of the stunning alpine scenery and the mixture of different cultures. Although outdoor recreation is a major part of the Swiss experience, the historic sites in this country are also worthy of a visit. The top places to visit that ought to be on your must-see list will give you ready access to the best of both worlds.

You might not think of Switzerland as a place that boasts waterfalls, but some of the most beautiful falls are the Rhine Falls, near Schaffhausen. This waterfall is the largest in Europe, a sight that will make you ensure that your camera is at the ready. Should you be in the vicinity around August 1, you’ll be able to see a dazzling fireworks display. A medieval castle is nearby that offers modern hospitality in the form of shops and a restaurant. Visiting this area will give you that perfect mix of nature and local culture.

If you want to see some of the best scenery that the Alps have to offer, Mt. Pilatus is a great option to keep at the top of your list. There are several walking trails that are worth your time for a relaxing day out. Taking the cable car to the top is an experience you don’t want to miss. With a height of over 2,000 meters, you’ll have a beautiful view of Lucerne and the surrounding areas. The trip to the top is worth every minute.

You won’t want to miss the famous resort town of St. Moritz, known for its spas and skiing alike. There is a good reason many ski chalets for sale in Switzerland are here, and you can enjoy the full wealth of winter sports here. The town is also famous for the variety of spa options that you can make full use of. Mud and mineral baths are in high demand. You’ll also love the cuisine, which features treats like truffles and caviar, with fine wines.

The Matterhorn is Switzerland’s most famous peak, and a sight that you won’t want to miss when you’re in the area. At over 4,000 meters, this mountain represents an excellent challenge for climbers. You’ll feel rewarded with magnificent views and excellent skiing. The nearby town of Zermatt has a vibrant night-life, as well as wonderful restaurants to suit almost every taste.

Castle enthusiasts won’t want to miss Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva. This castle dates to the 11th century, and there are a lot of period furniture pieces and frescoes, along with weapons on display. Most of the castle, including its dungeons and tower, are open to the public. A trolley and train are available for those not walking from nearby Montreux.

One of the best places to see along the lake is Geneva. The tallest fountain in the world is here, giving you an impressive greeting as you enter the city. Museums that feature fine art and celebrate the country’s heritage are in abundance in this city. You’ll also be able to take part in fine dining experiences that will suit every possible taste.

Owning a ski chalet in Switzerland is one way to appreciate the many wonders of this country. Once you’ve visited, you won’t want to miss the chance to come back every time you can. Your own chalet is just one way to appreciate the full worth of this country and everything that makes it special.


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