Places around the world that sirved as an inspiration for the most popular animated films


I want you to think of a place that you have only dreamed about it and think how will it feels like if you know that this place actually exists in Earth. In each country there is at least one special place that looks like a fairytale. The following charming villages, ancient castles and dense forests have inspired a great number of producers and helped them create the magical imperies that we see nowadays on the scene.

Beauty and the Beast

Alsace is a spectacular region in France full of picturesque villages. The cartoon Disney is make after a real story of Gabriel-Susan Barboto de Villeneuve, French writer who lived in the nineteenth century. The small provintial town, where Bel comes from, is a real fairytale, something you should only see in order to understand its beauty. Towns like Colmar were used as an inspiration to create Bel’s hometown.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The oldest Disney’s story has been inspired by a German folk story of the Grimm brothers. According to some researches, the story might have been real but the dark forest, the dwarfs and the crystal ark were placed nearby the Castle Lor and the Forest Spessart.



John Moana, one of the directors came up with an idea for the film after reading the description of the Polynesian mythical hero Maui. Willing to do a research, he was travelling to many different South Pacific islands. Fiji, Samoa and Tahiti are only some of the spectacular islands he has visited in order to investigate the culture of the indigenous people. This experience helped him to invent and create the island of Moana.



The film is based on the story of a book written by Carlo Lorenzini while the story develops in his mother’s hometown, the Italian village of Colodi. Just because this village ment a lot to him, he even started using the nickname Carlo Colodi. The small houses, the cobblestones and the cupolas was only a small detail that makes the story of Pinocchio more vivid.



It is a well known fact that the story of the film was made according to the Scotish mountains. The medieval castle Dunotar that is surrounded by the most spectacular landscape in the world it’s the perfect place for the Merida’s adventures. Therefore it is more than natural for you to expect a magic to happen at such a place, followed by competitions in archery and Scottish accent.



The castle of the story of Cinderella was master piece made by Herbert Rieman who even became part of Disneyland later on. His biggest inspiration has been the castle Neuschwanstein in Germany. The tall towers, the entrance with cupolas as well as the whole nature that surrounds the castle fit perfectly well with the overall story of Cinderella.


The Little Mermaid

The real sample of the castle is actually placed by a lake, not by an ocean. The Swiss castle Chateu de Chilon that’s located on the Geneva Lake served as an inspiration to create a perfect home the prince Eric. The castle is surrounded byy water. The big towe is identic with the one from the film while the narrow windows only complete the overall look of the castle.