How to plan a great trip when you have kids


Going on a trip with your kids can be a very rewarding experience when you are able to do it right. There is nothing as exciting as visiting new places without an agenda other than to spend quality time with your family and kids having a great time while you are at it. However, such a trip can easily become disastrous if you haven’t planned it well. Whether you are taking a flight or are doing a road trip, public storage is always critical when you start thinking of going on a trip with your little ones. To ensure your trip turns out well, here are tips to help you get started on planning a trip with your kids:

  • Allocate more for accommodation

Frequent travelers advise that you accommodation is the first thing you should always plan to save on because you’ll just need that space to sleep. This is not the case when you are travelling with kids, particularly little one who need to take naps at day time. When you are travelling with kids, you tend to spend more time in the hotel than when you are not which means you’ll need to spend a bit more to find a nice place. An additional bedroom would be great and you also need to consider the view in case you have to stay in the hotel longer. As such, opt for a hotel that has a better terrace or a balcony so you can spend some time outside as the kids take a nap or after they go to sleep at night. Also, opt for a hotel where you have access to a washing machine and a kitchenette in case you plan on staying more than several days.

  • Reserve dinner on the first night

When making your booking, opt to book for dinner on the first night. This is because you’ll probably be tired after travelling with kids and you don’t want to start worrying about getting them food when you get there. Invest some time reading customer reviews or checking live news to ensure the hotel you are booking is a place that offers good service. You can always cancel your booking should there be drastic changes to your plans but it is always safe to make advance bookings.

  • Schedule one activity a day

As you plan for your trip, peruse through blogs and travel books to find fun things that you can do in your travel destination. However, be alive to the fact that while traveling with your kids, there are high chances that you would not do as much as you would if you were alone. With kids you’ll have to make frequent stops to snack and perhaps get back to the hotel for naps. When you schedule a single activity per day, every other extra thing you are able to do is a bonus, this way you won’t be frustrated.

  • Consider kid-friendly facilities

Be sure to pick destinations that have kid friendly facilities like aquariums, zoos castles, boat rides, gardens, train rides and amusement parks. Such facilities will keep the kids engaged and active, which makes the trip more fun for them.

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