Why You Should Plan a Heli Skiing Vacation


Have you had dreams of slicing down the thick snow of a mountain, wind whipping past you as you gain speed and vertical? Well, you’re in for some good news. This isn’t just the stuff of dreams anymore; you can make it a reality by signing up for a heli skiing adventure for your next holiday. Whisked away to the peaks of British Columbia’s Rocky Mountains, you’ll have access to the best snow, vertical, and speeds of your skiing career!

Perfect Powder
Skiing is all about the snow, and if it isn’t good quality, then you can forget about having a great holiday. Unfortunately, all too often, resorts can’t offer truly perfect powder. Warm weather, high traffic, and synthetic snow combine to create a lacklustre track at most resorts. As a result, you’re cutting through somebody else’s tracks in slushy, icy snow. It can make you want to skip the run altogether in lieu of the refuge of the chalet.

The top heli skiing outfits aren’t your typical resort. They fly you far away from the average conditions and take you up in the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Here, the environmental conditions are perfect, all year round. The fluffy white snow isn’t just a sight to behold, but it provides the smoothest ski you’ll have. That’s because up there in the mountains, you can forget about overrun synthetic stuff. Only the best corn snow awaits you.

Unlimited Vertical
At other ski operations, there’s always a limit on the amount of vertical you’re guaranteed. Because of their facilities, their promises of vertical metres skied is on the low end, just barely scraping by. Then there are others that can offer unlimited vertical – but for a price. Before you know it, once you exceed their guarantee, you’re paying extra for every 1,000 metres you ski! That’s a huge strain on your budget, which can dampen your entire trip.

If you’d rather not have to keep a running tally of your total metres, there’s a better alternative. There are top heli skiing operators that are honest about their claim of unlimited vertical, and they never penalize strong skiers who exceed the guarantee during their trip. Try it out yourself by booking with operators who care more about your experience than your chequebook. Boutique operators like the people at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing are all about the personal experience and big vertical. Go online to discover Great Canadian Heli-Skiing and find out what true unlimited vertical means.

Perhaps the best part is that fact that boutique heli skiing operators limit their runs to incredibly small, private groups. That means you only have share the mountain with your closest friends. Sound unreal? Check for yourself by booking your next trip with the best heli skiing BC can offer. You won’t regret it.