How to Plan a Wedding Reception at Home?


Wedding has to be a special day in your life but not a day that ends up hurling a whopping amount of bills and loans on you to deal with for the rest of your life. For many, budget does not remain a problem, but for some, budget is the deciding factor of everything that they plan for their wedding. If you are one of them who can be content with having a humble wedding reception at the backyard of your home knowing it would lie in your budget just the way you want, read on to find out how to plan the most memorable wedding reception ever that can be hosted at home.

A commodious setting for all your guests

Before you proceed with the plan, pace out the place that would be able to accommodate all your guests easily. If you have a lot guests on the list but there’s not enough space for all of them, then think you are required to trim the list. And always know that overcrowded places can never be taken for cozy places. And if you think of using the combination of indoor and outdoor space, then take into consideration the prevailing weather conditions. And before incorporating indoors into your plan, make sure you give the indoors a facelift with the aid of residential painters in Sydney or wherever you live. Hiring a house painter in Sydney or other places has always been a cost-effective option of refreshing the home.

Professionals like caterers, photographers, entertainers, wedding coordinator, etc. to the rescue

While your wedding date is approaching, you cannot afford to manage all of the jobs. In fact, in practical world, it would be impossible for an amateur like you to deal with every aspect of arranging his/her wedding at home. To the least, you need to have a wedding coordinator by your side to look after things that matter and leave you a bit relaxed to enjoy your day. Apart from him, you would also require the help of specialists for setting up, cooking, serving, parking cars, entertaining and cleaning up.

Focus should be on your lawn

As you are hosting your wedding reception at your home, you should know that your yard would be on display. This means that you need to give the space a clean and tidy look by getting pruning, reseeding, replanting, sodding and landscaping done well before your wedding day. For the job, you can hire a landscaper or do it yourself, whatever seems feasible.

Hire wedding equipment, table linens, dinnerware, tables, chairs, napkins and everything else.

Arranging a modest wedding should not necessarily mean that you are required to cut corners on everything including decorations, photography and food & catering. By choosing your home as the venue would help you a great deal in keeping your expenses in check. That is to say: you should work towards hiring wedding equipment, table linens, tables, chairs and all other things needed in your wedding. Additions of these elements would make your wedding be everything that you would have ever dreamed of. This option is not only feasible but also reasonable enough to consider.

Planning a wedding reception at home might bring some relief to you from the perspective of budget, but it is not as easy as it sounds. From getting your house cleaned and renovated to taking care of decorations, food, catering, entertainment, party area, ceremony, guests, other arrangements, etc., you would have as many responsibilities, in fact, more to take care of as what would have been the case otherwise at any other venue than your home. However, the best thing you can do is to involve your family and friends in the preparation in order to be as stress-free as possible on your special day.