Plan your hunting adventure with these simple tips


You have a free weekend coming, some ‘not so detailed’ plan and bunch of friends ready to go on a big hunting adventure. You don’t know what to pack, and how to do the hunting. And all you have in mind is – to have fun.

Maybe you are already prepared. But if it is your first time going with the boys on this kind of adventure, reading this article will really help you prepare. Here are 5 tips you need to know when going hunting:

> Choose the right vehicle

You can’t expect driving in a luxurious car when going to get the animal as a trophy. Those terrains need a vehicle that has strong wheels for wild territories. My advice is to choose a vehicle like Jeep or something similar. You need a space inside a car if you are planning to spend the night there, when going without a tent. Or just the weather does not allow you that. Renting a truck or SUV is also an option. Before choosing the right vehicle, make a research for the weather conditions and the location where you’re heading to. Also important to check is what kind of animals you are planning to hunt, and will lead you to the destination.

> Take the needed equipment

You definitely need a list of stuff for making this hunting better. Having a camping truck or a tent where you can spend the night, is an awesome idea. And make the whole weekend getaway more fun and adventurous.  But when it comes to the equipment, I have a small list of essentials you can’t possibly think of taking them when preparing, and definitely want having them when camping.

  • Water
  • Food/ Snacks
  • First Aid Kit
  • Headlamp
  • Raingear
  • Knife
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Wet Wipes
  • Game Call
  • Fire Lighter & Starter

> Be Prepared for the Hunt

You pick the area, filled the car with all the necessities and it is the time to do the hunting.  For hunting to be complete the only thing left is the appropriate archeries and bows. Let’s not forget the accessories like scopes to help you spot the animal during the night or through a fog. As the best accessories like rifle scopes, Best 1-8x Scopes are really standing out. Beside the equipment for the hunting, you need to think of placing the meat, when disabling the animal body. You will need a freezer, and some ice, keeping the meat fresh. Especially in hot weather conditions, when is impossible to save the meat when you get home. Use gloves when cutting the meat, to avoid spreading diseases. I almost forgot that hunting isn’t allowed without owning a ‘Hunting License’, so keep it dry with you.

I am sure these tips will help you get a wonderful and awesome hunting experience, but don’t hesitate to ask or consult with a hunting professional to collect more important information and head to the wanted destination safely, energized and return back home with a wild trophy.