Planning A West Coast Road Trip of Your Dreams

Five friends in convertible car, waving arms in air, rear view

A West Coast road trip is likely to be one of the most amazing experiences in your whole life. From the beautiful forests and mountains of Washington and Oregon to the sunny Southern California coast, there is a lot to see and do during one of these trips. If you keep your car in good shape and otherwise follow helpful tips, you’ll stand a good chance of having one of the best trips possible.

What Are Some of the Highlights of the Area?

The states along the West Coast are rich in history and offer a diverse range of things to see. For example, a drive from the northern part of the coast to the southern would likely include these sights:

  • Seattle – Highlights include the Space Needle, which boasts spectacular views of the surrounding area and the original Starbucks location.
  • Bainbridge Island – This island is easily accessible by ferry and has an impressive number of galleries and boutiques for browsing.
  • Oregon Dunes – The impressive sand dunes are ideal for adventure-seekers who enjoy quad-biking.
  • Redwood National Park and the Avenue of Giants – You won’t want to miss an opportunity to walk through the groves of these beautiful trees, which are among some of the oldest on earth.
  • San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge – Be sure to spend some time in San Francisco at Fisherman’s Wharf, as well as take some time to see the Golden Gate Bridge, which boasts walking and biking areas.
  • Big Sur – The coastal areas of Big Sur, Santa Barbara, and Carmel are worth seeing, especially with the great restaurants found here.
  • Los Angeles – Driving through Los Angeles provides you with the unique chance to pay homage to Hollywood’s brightest and best.
  • San Diego – With the San Diego Zoo and the beautiful beach at La Jolla waiting, you won’t want to miss this city.

All of these attractions are good options to consider when you’re taking a road trip to the West Coast.

Good Preparation Helps

Even though your trip should go smoothly, it doesn’t hurt to be well-prepared in the event of any difficulties. A roadside emergency kit should always be in your car, even if you have roadside assistance service. Keep a spare tire in an easily accessible place, because it will be easier to cope with any issues that arise with your tires if you have a spare to use. A jack and lug wrench will also make coping with unexpected tire issues easier.

Besides being prepared for an emergency, it also helps to have extra food and beverages on hand. If you decide to spend much time at scenic overlooks or other outdoor areas, you probably want to avoid having to spend extra time looking for restaurants. Bringing along items ideal as quick snacks will help you keep your energy up, and keeping bottled water or sports drinks in your cooler will help you stay hydrated when you’re out hiking.

You’ll also want to make sure you bring enough clothes to keep you comfortable in a variety of climate conditions. Dressing in layers will help you cope with abrupt changes in temperature. A light jacket will come in handy when temperatures drop in the evening. You’ll also want to consider some light rain gear, especially during the northern part of your ride.

As with any road trip, traveling along the Pacific Coast offers a lot of exciting things to see and do. Being well-prepared will help ensure you have an exciting time during your trip.