Planning Your City Break to London


London is a capital city like no other. Its sprawling streets go back for centuries, but there is an undeniable modern buzz. Its landmarks are known across the world, and yet there are so many hidden gems tucked away in allies. It has something to offer all of its varied visitors. If you’re planning a city break to London, follow these tips to make the most out of your trip. 


Navigating London can be tricky. Those who live there will tell you how busy the roads are, and how slow traffic can be. Lots of people who live in London don’t drive, so think like a local with your travelling plans. Focus on using public transport. The London Underground – the tube – is a great way of exploring the city. It’s also easy to use public transport to get yourself there, you can travel to London by getting the train. Don’t get stuck in traffic and enjoy your journey. 


You’ll want to plan where you’re going to stay. London is a huge city, and while public transport can help get around, it can take hours to cross from one side to another. So you should want to plan your base wisely. Think about the places you’d like to see and what you’d like to be near. Whether it’s near clubs, parks, or shops, you can pick the perfect place to stay. Certain areas in London can be pricer than others, so be sure to research this and budget accordingly. 


This leads nicely on to what you’re going to while you’re on your city break. You know that London is a vast city with an abundance of activities. There are so many iconic tourist destinations: Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden. You should definitely consider going to South Bank. You get to walk along the Thames and tick off plenty of landmarks. From the London Eye to the Houses of Parliament. London is a busy city, but these tourist spots can get particularly crowded. 

Dining Out

It’s impossible to write about London without mentioning its food and drink scene. It’s such a diverse city and this is reflected within its restaurants. You can taste the world’s cuisine by walking up and down a few streets. It can be overwhelming picking a place, but there are those who say they’ve found the best restaurants in London. From the quietly elegant Michelin star venues to cosy, casual places, you can find somewhere which suits your tastes.  

London is a great city for a weekend away, there is always something happening. There is so much to discover there you may even find yourself booking another trip before you know it. What’s your favourite place in the UK to visit?