Pogba has finally admitted what’s the team he dreams of


Pogba is one of the “culprits” why Manchester United plays as re-born under the direction of team’s former player Ole Gunar Solskjer. He keeps on being one of the most important, if not the most important player for the team. The truth is everyone expects him to be the best one and show off his teeth when it is needed the most, which he undoubtedly does. Therefore he is the wish number one to any coach around the world. Many names of great clubs mention his name as a potential transfer, however he is focussed only on finishing the current season well and see the happy Man United fans’ faces.


The French international player left apart all the misunderstandings with Jose Mourinho and showed how good he can be, how useful and dedicated he can be to his club. His good play and excellent performance on the pitch show how focussed and faithfull he is to his current club, Manchester United. He showed once again that all he thinks about is the success and glory of his team in the current season, something that was always questionable during the time when Jose Mourinho was the one to direct the team.


However, after that much time being voiceless and quiet about the potential transfers, suddenly Pogba comes up with the saying that it is obvious that every player’s dream and wish is to see himself playing in the white shirt of Real Madrid. That’s something that made a lots of speculations about his potential transfer in the upcomming transfer window, even though all he said was a simple wish and nothing more. On the other hand, the journalists could smell something more than just a simple saying.

“As I have always said, Real Madrid is a dream for every player all over the world. Everyone dreams with the white shirt. Real Madrid is one of the biggest and still most popular club in the history of football. Moreover, they have Zinedine Zidane once again as a leader of the club which is a dream to everyone who really understands and appreciates this game. But for now I am in Manchester United. That’s all I think about. We never know what tomorrow will bring. I am happy here. This is my home.” – says the French player.


He has been related to many European teams in the few previous seasons. However he, with his dedication and great effort, has showen commitment, respect and hard work to his fans and the people who believe in his success. That’s how he has gained the respect of the fans and nowadays everyone dreams to see him playing for his favourite team. The central midfielder did 124 appearance for Juventus team between 2012 and 2016. Before joining Juventus he only appeared on three matches for Manchester United during the season 2011/2012. This twentyfive years old French player of Guinean origin is believed to be one of the most tallented players in the history of the football, being compared to the biggest football names such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Maradona and Pele.