Pogba reveals why Mourinho’s been fired up


The French football player, Manchester United’s star and most important player, Paul Pogba a few days ago have spoken about everyone’s wish to put on the Real Madrid’s white shirt and keep growing and developing his talent in the Spanish capital. This was a little shock for everyone, even though he did not come to say anything more than this simple wish. Later on, talking about the situation in his current club, Manchester United, and how happy and dedicated he is to his work and progress, he tried to calm down the situation.

He also spoke about his previous coach, Joseph Mourinho mentioning also his new and current coash of the “Red Devils”, Ole Gunar Solskjer.

“What were the problems with our previous coach? Oh well, we couldn’t manage to win anything. That was the crucial thing that made the managers take the decission about changing the, now old, Man United coach. The results is what matters the most, not the power of the players in the dressing room. If we did have good results with our previous coach, he would have kept on being our coach. That’s all I have to tell you.”- said Pogba.


The midfielder later confessed that now all the team supports the new coach, Ole Gunar Solskjer, who knows very well the mentality of the team as he himself used to play for the Red Devils. Pogba also said that everyone’s wist is to see Solskjer as a permanent coach of the reds as they are all happy with his come-back in the club.

“Of course what we want is to see him as a permanent coach of our team. We already see results since he came. I like my relation with him as a coach and he likes the relation he has with the rest of the team as players. When a player is happy at one place, all he wants to do is keep on being happy. Solskjer deserves being Man United coach. He knows his work and he knows the team very well. He has been part of this amazing club, therefore he can do a lot for its progress and bright future. He is such a happy coach who has managed to, somehow, bring us back the self-confidence, he knows exactly how to motivate each one of the players and that was very important for us at this moment. He gives us enough freedom when the play is in question and that’s what motivates us the most. We enjoy it and we are happy with him.” – reveals the French scorrer.

What is Ole going to achieve with his new team it’s up to see. One thing is clear: he has already managed to motivate the players which is of crucial importance for the future of the team. Whether his decission to give the players that much freedom is the key to see Man United once again among the best teams in the English Plremier League it’s up to see. At least we finally see everyone happy in the team, from players to coach to managers to fans. Something that reminds us of the era of Ferguson.