Some Points to Consider Before Joining an Auction Event


Auction days always cause anxiety. It triggers anxiety and “lust” to buy quickly which often puts a person into a disadvantage. Emotional management is what every potential buyer must have or they will fall into a situation where they are sorry for what they have bought. Auction is the best way to get a house cheaply because the houses that are auctioned mostly are houses with bad loans that are sold cheaper than the market price. Actually, the points in the auction house can be explained as follows:

Determination of auction day

It is important for you to confirm this on the auction agent. Make sure the day of the auction so you can do some preparation such as preparing the funds until that is not less important, prepare your psychological condition! Also make sure any legal implications applying over the auction homes so you can choose the best unit you deserve to fight for it.

Understand the rules of the auction

If you are interested in buying a house by auction then you must know all the rules that surround it. For example, the law requires the auction agent to display all relevant legal documents 30 minutes before the event begins. Never plunge into the auction before you know the validity of the document of the unit you are headed to. To be clear, you need to know the country’s laws on the auction, the offer of collective ownership, and some details that are certainly different from one state to another.

Opening offer

As the auction event begins, the auctioneers will set an opening bid, as well as an increase in each new bid (e.g. $ 5000 increase for each new bid made). The offer may be negotiable but some states do not allow for it. You should understand the term “go once.” This is a general term when the offer has reached the highest bidder and when the auctioneer announces “twice” and “three times” then the property is considered to have been sold.

Direct deposit

Most auctioneers require direct deposit. This usually ranges from 10% of the purchase price. You as a buyer are required to pay the balance at the time of completion which is normally set 30 days to 90 days from the time the transaction was made.

Legal sales

Legal sales are declared when both the seller and the buyer sign all the documents and this means the money transfer has been made. All these processes are overseen by the auctioneer and they are paid for it.

Again, hold emotions

This is advice that should be given repeatedly. Do not be rash and if you feel the price has been too high then let others to have it.