Which Popular Bedroom Style Do You Like Best?


Bedrooms are the most personal spot in a home. It’s our little hide away from life. The one place where we can truly feel at ease.

It’s also where we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Or at least we’re supposed to. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is among the many medical organizations that are urging U.S. adults to get more sleep. Right now between 50-70 million men and women deal with sleep disorders.

How you decorate your bedroom heavily influences your ability to sleep. You also need to make sure you have what you need for a good night’s sleep before you begin designing.

Good Design Starts With the Basics

All good designs start with the basics because without them nothing can be built well. Across all regions and styles, there are certain elements that have to be in a bedroom regardless of its style.

The four bedroom essentials that surpass design are:

  • Quality MattressQuality mattresses share three things in common: good fit, comfort, and durable construction. You can have the most beautiful bedroom in the world, but if the mattress is low-quality, sleep won’t come easy.
  • Supportive Pillow – Pillows are one of the most personal items you’ll ever own. After months of sleeping on a pillow with just the right amount of comfortable support, it’s like an extension of one’s self.
  • Lighting Control – Lighting has a profound physiological effect on a person’s ability to sleep. With today’s smart light bulbs, custom lighting is available without the help of an electrician.
  • Bedding by the Season – Use at least two pairs of sheets for maximum comfort. One for fall and winter that’s made with a cozy, warm flannel or microfleece. Then another crisp Egyptian cotton sheet set for the spring and summer.

No two bedrooms are alike, but despite all the personal touches, certain styles are used more often than others. Without further ado here are some of today’s most popular bedroom styles.

Cottage Style

Charming all around décor invites you to lie down and take a load off. Cottage style décor is meant to make you feel right at home, which is why it’s a perfect option for guest bedrooms.

Rustic Chic

There’s something about rustic chic that’s perfectly not put together. Nothing is bought as a set but everything goes together. Upcycled and recycled items get a second chance to shine in this bedroom. A creative pallet bed would also fit in perfectly with this style.

Romantic Décor

There’s no denying the bedroom is an intimate space. Ornate details, grand four-poster bed, chandelier – romantic bedrooms aren’t about subtlety. The style has a bold richness to it that’s reminiscent of romanticized manors from long ago.


Fresh and clean are the best ways to describe the coastal bedroom style. Crisp white and colors with just enough brightness to pop make the perfect backdrop for beachcomber accessories. You’ll often see this style anywhere near the coast and in bedrooms with beautiful French doors that bring the outside in.


Plush pillows and fabrics in sultry reds and deep purples with intricate gold patterns set the stage for an exotic escape. Homeowners that want to feel like they are in a colorful dream opt for a relaxed Indian-inspired style.

Retreat Style

Imagine getting away to a spa where you’re surrounded by nature instead of stressors. That’s a retreat style bedroom. It’s like something you would see in a resort vacation magazine. It’s a personal oasis that helps you get away from it all on a daily basis.

Rich Minimalism

The beauty is in the simplicity of this style. Though the color scheme is muted, the materials are all supple and high quality. Because there are few design elements the quality is able to stand out and be appreciated.

Reading Room

Reading has been scientifically proven to be the most relaxing activity on the planet. Adding library-like touches can bring a peaceful calm to the space. Bookshelves are a very common feature that can be found anywhere, including the bedframe. Add a comfy chaise lounge with a cozy throw blanket and we’re in business.