Popular Downtown Areas for Buying Condos


Prior to finding a particular investment property in the area, it is important to be aware of what the ideal neighborhood will be for your purchase. This includes considering how profitable certain locations are.

In this post, we will delve into some of the best downtown areas to buy a condo.

Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town is among the most charming places within Phoenix due to its association with the cowboy era and lifestyle. It is also among the most popular Scottsdale neighborhoods, which is attributed to its convenient location that goes beyond Downtown Scottsdale. 

If you are interested in a community that offers a wide range of recreation facilities and amenities, access to transportation as well as amazing walkability, there are several reasons to consider Old Town Scottsdale condos for sale


Old Town is well known for being one of the affordable locations in the city. Buyers can access various property styles in this vibrant urban area that mainly comprises of mid-rise condos, lofts and townhouses. These properties often feature contemporary designs that complement the region’s urban environment. 

Along with homes that are affordably priced, Old Town is also a prime location that gives residents a sample of both urban and residential surroundings. The neighborhood is situated a few minutes away from Old Town’s commercial center but it still manages to be a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

In addition, Old Town provides residents with easy access to the Loop 101 freeway that consists of most of Phoenix area’s city and connects numerous suburban towns that are located nearby. Local residents can enjoy the convenience of a 30-minute drive to Phoenix.

Overlapping with Downtown Scottsdale gives Old Town further access to public transport services that include the popular trolley system, metro transit and bus routes that enable you to explore Old Town, and the bustling art scene.

Art and Shopping

Old Town is popular for its abundance of historic buildings along with an extensive selection of art exhibitions that line the Main Street within the Arts District. A wide variety of traditional and modern art is displayed at different galleries that celebrate the prolific works of several leading European and American artists. 

Old Town is also admired for its impressive range of small businesses that showcase locally made and unique products. Whether you are looking for Native American art and jewels or Mexican artifacts, you will be able to find a vast collection of anything from boots to memorabilia. 


The dining scene in Old Town ranges from informal to upscale with options for bars and restaurants dominating areas such as Main Street. You can enjoy meals that are made from organic and locally sourced ingredients or shop for your own supplies at The Farmers Market and prepare food at home. Top spots for freshly brewed coffee and delicious meals include the well known Berdena and Cartel Coffee Lab.

There is also an electrifying night scene that provides a worthwhile treat for anyone who is in the mood to show off their dancing moves. You can look forward to live DJ playlists as well as fresh cocktails and music performances throughout the week. Try out the Old Town Tavern for a fun and casual night out. 

If living in the Southwest isn’t for you, here are some other great options for buying downtown condos.


Nashville, Tennessee is generally known for being the original home of country music but it has many more pleasant surprises to offer. If you are thinking about moving to the area or anywhere close to it, you can anticipate a growing job market, some of the most memorable live music in the region and a great craft beer scene. 

Nashville is also home to some amazing food spots and a fairly low cost of living. You will not have to struggle when it comes to finding a tasty cup of quality coffee; Barista Parlor is one of the notable coffee shops that have established its reputation as a business that works closely with local bakeries, enterprises, farms and artists to create its distinct welcoming atmosphere. 

This city has a bar for every occasion. Whether you are in the mood for a casual meeting with friends, dive bar with affordable drinks and awesome music or a premium cocktail, there is something for everyone. Visit The Villager Tavern for happy hour prices that are kind to your pocket. 

Residents in Nashville are fortunate to live in a city that has several job opportunities, which means that the unemployment rate is very low and the city continues to grow rapidly. 


One of the outstanding aspects of Austin is that it is a green city. Friends, families and pets can enjoy spending time at the greenbelts that provide a worthwhile retreat during warmer days. Ziiker Park is a highly sought after location for major events as well as thrill seekers for activities that range from playing soccer to flying kites. 

Austin is also a popular choice for setting up different types of businesses as it offers an environment that is conducive for entrepreneurial ventures. It prioritizes collaborative efforts and innovation. Filled with a variety of small businesses, locals and visitors can enjoy shopping and dining at numerous joints that are locally based and operated. 

In addition to Mexican cuisine and barbeques, Austin’s food scene consists of a wide variety of food options to suit virtually every taste bud. There are live music performances every night at venues such as Continental Club and the Elephant Room. 


Charleston features scenic beaches, globally recognized restaurants, cobblestone pathways and much more. This top destination for travelers is friendly and dynamic with a distinctly laidback approach to life and charming locals. 

It is the oldest city within South Carolina and has been able to sustain some intriguing aspects of its historical background. With more than 300 years in existence, Charleston continues to pay homage to its past and pave the way for its future. 

There are several things to do in Charleston based on the city’s booming art scene and rich culture. Beautiful parks include the stunning Cypress Gardens while golfers can play at Kiawah Island, which is an immense golf resort that hosts various competitions.

Take a walk through the downtown district when you need a getaway from the crowds and experience the charisma of the old neighborhoods and City Market. 

Solid job growth is attributed to the expanding aviation and vehicle manufacturing sectors that provide more opportunities for people to work. Moving around Charleston is easy, thanks to plenty of parking, biking and traveling conveniently by sea.


Boise is a safe location that is nestled within natural surroundings. It is a cultural hub for theatrical performances and jazz music. Several theater groups perform regularly at city’s Contemporary Theatre as well as other venues such as the classic Little Theater.

There also numerous breweries that have sprung up over time to accommodate the growing desire for amazing beer. Great spots include County Line Brewing and that give residents a chance to try out some new drinks. 

Boise is continually developing its educational sector with more opportunities for academics at various institutions. The job market continues to thrive in healthcare and tech with a low unemployment rate that helps to ease the cost of living.