Popular Window Styles: Pros and Cons


Just like fashion, there are new and interesting window styles every now and then, innovative enough to suit the equally evolving housing designs. Undoubtedly, every homeowner has unique needs when it comes to window styles: cost-efficiency, lighting, energy-efficiency, ventilation, or just for aesthetic purposes. 

That is why together with Ecoline, Canadian window replacement specialists, we’ve prepared this post so you can learn all the pros and cons of popular window styles. Dreaming of having the most trending windows for your new construction or replacement units, eh? This article has all the information you are looking for. Keep reading!

What Window Types are Popular in 2021?

As of 2021, the most popular window styles focus on minimalism, simplicity, aestheticism, and practicality. Some of the most popular styles include:

  • single-hung windows,
  • double-hung windows,
  • casement windows,
  • awning windows,
  • picture windows, and much more.

For more information about the popular window styles to complement your home, their pros and cons, popular frame material, plus more interesting information, read on!

Casement Windows

Famous for their cranky opening, casement windows are popular in many Canadian homes. One side of the casement windows stays still while the other part hangs on a hinge; hence its wings open with ease as an ordinary door does.

Casement window style is a perfect fit for your space allowing you to aerate the room and maintain your privacy.


  • Casement windows have a tight window seal which helps in offering exceptional security to the residence.
  • The casement windows are large enough, offering you a great view of the outside. Additionally, they give more lighting to your house, hence saving on energy.
  • The casement windows have a big opening that allows sufficient airflow into your house.


  • Casement windows protrude outside the house and can cause injuries to an unsuspecting passerby. The window may also get broken by the collision impact.
  • The cranking mechanism is subject to wear and tear hence requires maintenance. Additionally, the cranking mechanism may fail to function.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are a common home fixture in Canadian architectural design. The single-hung window is divided into two large frame units. The upper frame unit remains still while the lower frame unit slides open to the top.


  • Perfect for bathrooms
  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable


  • Single-hung windows are relatively small hence do not let in much air for ventilation to your home.

Double-Hung Windows

These windows are good for Canadian homes and will give your house the best lighting and ventilation. The double-hung windows feature two large frame units along with the glass panel, known as sashes. The sashes slide in upwards and downwards motion along vertical tracks.


  • The best thing about the double-hung windows is that they do not protrude inside or outside the house, minimizing the risk of injuries to unsuspecting passersby.
  • The double-hung windows are fitted with springs or weights along the sidetrack, making it easy to open and close. 
  • They have more room for air flow when both sashes are open. Interestingly, fresh air goes in through the lower sashes while stale air escapes through the upper sashes.
  • Double-hung windows offer more lighting hence keeping your home well bright and well lit.


  • The sash springs or weight wear out over time and hence will require the extra cost of occasional maintenance. 
  • The double-hung windows may make it easy for intruders to break into your house through the large openings. 

Picture Windows

If you live in the mountains or by the beach, picture windows should be your go-to replacement option. The window gives your home the perfect painting appeal if the outside is scenic, giving you and your guests the perfect view.


  • Picture windows give your home a beautiful aesthetic appearance and a perfect view of the beautiful sceneries outside.
  • Picture windows are a great source of lighting for your house.


  • Picture windows do not allow air to flow in and out of the house since they are fixed on your wall with no option to open.

Popular Window Frame Material

As a homeowner with window replacement intention, you may want to consider the following popular framing materials for your windows;

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is the best option for homeowners going for energy-efficient windows. Additionally, Vinyl is the perfect window frame when it comes to durability and cost-effectiveness. Vinyl offers the best insulation for your windows and protection from cancerous ultraviolet light. The material comes in various colours, styles, and finishing with an additional customization option to fit your needs best.

  • Wood

Wood is a common type of window frame used in homes around Canada. It gives your home a rustic appeal. Additionally, you can paint your wooden frame to any colour you want.

  • Fibreglass

It is currently trending amongst modern constructions and replacement units; fiberglass window frame material offers durability since it can last for years. Fibreglass is sold in a range of colours, finishes, and styles to best match your house.

Popular Windows Styles: Pricing

Even though it is impossible to provide you with a precise quote, we have compiled a table representing the typical price range for popular window styles in Canada. You can take a look and calculate how much approximately will your future window replacement project cost. For more detailed information regarding prices, please contact your window company.

LocationCasement windowAwning windowSliding windowSingle-Hung windowPicture Window
Basement$535 – $1,022$471 – $1114$394 – $1057n\a$315 – $1518
Bathroom$446 – $1,032$432 – $943$394 – $1033$95 – $1500$388 – $1242
Bedroom$444 – $1193$893 – $909$437 – $1521$587 – $2115$226 – $2324
Bonus room$676 – $1134$494 – $944$820 – $1248$634 – $1374$420 – $2305
Dining room$550 – $1348$843 – $1429$669 – $1957$529 – $1466$316 – $2072
Family room$605 – $1999$621 – $1157$490 – $1131$569 – $1155$354 – $2661
Foyer$858 – $1999n\a$465 – $778$500 – $854$338 – $1552
Front$583 – $1014$483 – $1414$785 – $968$510 – $925$359 – $2933
Garagen\a$703 – $902$391 – $1085$588 – $732$334 – $1536
Kitchen$329 – $1356$419 – $1471$394 – $1595$445 – $1595$202 – $2179
Living room$484 – $1614$485 – $1384$433 – $2327$429 – $1614$226 – $2898
Master bedroom$545 – $1304$588 – $1120$452 – $1810n\a$335 – $2370
Nook$549 – $1149$734 – $920$658 – $1142$473 – $1186$337 – $2440

Source: https://www.ecolinewindows.ca

Which Is the Best Window Style to Use for My Home?

The first question to ask yourself when choosing a new window should be, why are you replacing your window?

For Cost-Effectiveness:

  • Single-hung windows
  • Double-hung Windows

For Lighting. Large windows are perfect for lighting. Examples include:

  • Double-hung windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Casement Windows

For Aesthetic Purposes. Go for large windows that will not only make your house look modern and chic but will also allow sufficient lighting for a bright appearance in your space. Examples include:

  • Sliding Windows
  • Bay and Bow Windows

Note: All large windows are suitable for ventilation and perfect for saving on energy cost and minimizing your hydro bills incurred by using air conditioners.

Will Replacing My Windows with More Than One Style Work?

Yes, replacing your windows with more than one window style is acceptable. However, architects and home designers warn against using so many different window styles in a house. Using so many window styles gives your house a disjointed appearance. It is easier to replace a single design style than with different styles, especially in large-scale replacement. 


Replacing your windows with the popular window styles will boost your home’s curb appeal as well as natural lighting and energy efficiency. There are a variety of reasons behind replacing your windows. Whatever it is, ensure to use the best window style and window frame material that best matches your needs.