Porthmadog: Your Key To The Land of Snowdonia


Are you looking to discover Snowdonia – one of the most enticing mountainous regions in north Wales? If that’s true, there is no better location to stay then the town of Porthmadog for exploring all the beautiful attractions in Snowdonia, including mount Snowdon.

Location, location, location

Porthmadog which is located in Gwynedd, Wales, is one of the most popular and busy harbour towns that’s home to several interesting attractions in the area. This beautiful coastal town is known for playing a great role in accommodating a large number of tourists each year who plan to explore Snowdonia and the beautiful Snowdon National Park.

There are a vast number of stunning attractions in this region, but don’t worry if you have to pick only a couple of places because all of them are extremely beautiful. Snowdonia National Park is the largest national park in Wales and this region is home to the highest mountain in the entire England, as well as Wales. Each year, thousands of holidaymakers explore this beautiful area, who keep themselves busy by exploring its glorious landscapes and a variety of outdoor activities.

Porthmadog – The Best Place To Stay For Exploring Snowdonia

The stunning setting of Porthmadog makes it the most suitable location to explore all the beautiful tourist attractions in Snowdonia. It takes only half an hour to reach the Snowdonia National Park from Porthmadog and perhaps that’s the reason this town is considered as the gateway to this striking park.

If you have enough time, you should take a couple of days to explore the Snowdonia National Park as it is home to several interesting villages, and lakes. You can easily book your accommodation in Porthmadog and can easily devote your daytime to exploring Snowdonia’s impressive landscapes.

Explore Mount Snowdon

Exploring mount Snowdon is one of the most popular activities that visitors look to partake in, where Porthmadog provides the key to the mountain. With an elevation of 1,085 metres above the sea level, mount Snowdon is the both highest mountain in Wales and is the highest point in the British Isles. So, if you’re a nature lover who loves the idea of climbing mountains, then climbing Mount Snowdon is an oppotunity that shouldn’t be missed.

A true traveller is the one who waits for such opportunities at all times, so if you are one among them climbing mount Snowdon represents a box that should be ticked off your bucket list.

Porthmadog Golf Club

If you are visiting this region with your friends and family, then why not take them to Porthmadog Golf Club. Whether you are an avid golfer or just looking to hit a few balls, you can always pay a visit to this stunning golf club which is packed with amazing amenities. If golf isn’t perhaps what you’re looking for, then Porthmadog golf club has a lovely bar to relax in that offers a broad array of beers and wines. So whether you visit it during the spring or the summer season it will remain a perfect place for you to spend some quality time with your family.

Porthmadog Maritime Museum

Another interesting place that you can explore in this town is the Porthmadog Maritime Museum. Figure out everything about the town’s glorious history from this incredible museum. It is home to some of the most incredible artefacts that talk volumes about this region’s seafaring activities.

Apart from exploring the above-mentioned destinations, you can also discover attractions like Purple Moose Brewery, Portmeirion (a beautiful town), and Welsh Highland Heritage Railway.