Practical Advice for Broke Students to Travel the World For Less


Are you tired of seeing the same streets and visiting the same shops in your college town? Do you want to travel around the world and experience all the wonders it has to offer?

If you’re a student, chances are you don’t have enough money to afford traveling to other countries because you’re spending most of the money you have on tuition, books, housing, and commuting. While this is certainly a big-time problem and a serious obstacle for most students, it’s doesn’t make traveling at this point in your life impossible.

How can you travel around the world if you’re broke? Even if you only have money for one ticket, it’s certainly possible. Find out how below.

  1. Score Super Cheap Flights

Paying for a ticket to another country requires a lot of money. However, you can reduce the price of tickets by buying them on special websites such as Secret Flying and Cheap Flights. There, you can find tickets with significant discounts, which could be a nice first step for your international trip.

For example, one of the latest deals on the site allows you to buy a non-stop flight from Miami to Rome, Italy for only $437 roundtrip. Sure, it’s a bit expensive (traveling to neighboring countries requires much lower expenses), but it’s a great example of how you can secure such an amazing journey for only $437, a fraction of the average price of $1,000+!

  1. Work as a Freelancer

Being a freelancer allows you to earn a good income from anywhere in the world. Seriously, all you have to have to be able to earn money is a laptop and a good Wi-Fi connection. The list of the most popular freelance jobs includes web designers, programmers, content writers, social media managers, and academic writers.

The last option could be great for you because it requires good academic writing skills and the knowledge of formatting and citation styles like APA and MLA, which is something you deal with regularly in college. Finding online services that need people like you is easy; for example, you can search the Internet for online essay writing services or register at freelance platforms such as Upwork and People per Hour.

  1. Don’t Eat Out

Eating out might be a usual thing for you in your home country but it can be a major source of spending for you abroad. For example, according to the Savvy Backpacker, the daily cost of eating out in Amsterdam could reach €25.50 ($29.5), which is a lot if you’re a budget traveler.

To save money, you can go buy food in supermarkets and make dishes yourself. Eventually, you’ll be able to reduce your overall spending.

  1. Teach English

Another good way to make money is to use your knowledge of English. All you need is to have the ability to speak it fluently or be a native speaker, obviously (a TEFL degree is a big plus, too). In many countries around the world there is a shortage of English speakers.

For example, it’s a known fact that China has been facing the same problem for quite a while now, so one can earn a decent salary by working as a teacher. According to The Beijinger, many expats in China teach languages, even those without a teaching experience.

If you think you can do well in this role, feel free to check local job listing for English-speaking professionals and see whether there are some teaching positions available in that area. Since teaching job can take a lot of time, don’t forget that you might have to handle academic tasks assigned for your break by using outside help.

For that, feel free to read the best paper writing service reviews to see which companies will have you focused on your travel and working and not worrying about additional essay assignments. Using reviews to find top sites is a good way to ensure a stress-free experience.

  1. Take Free Tours

Why spend a lot of money on tours when you take free ones? Every major tourist destination has a variety of options, you just need to find them. For example, try the following keyword combination to find free tours in the city you’re planning to visit:

[Name of the city] + free tours

Chances are you’ll find at least a few options that you can take. For example, take a look at the results for “Paris free tours” request.

  1. Learn the Public Transit System

If you’re planning to see a lot of new places, figuring out the public transit system is a really good idea. Otherwise, you’ll spend lots of money on Uber, which is not that cheap if you think about it. The temptation to use Uber will be quite powerful because you’ll want to see everything as fast as you can, but keep in mind that you’re a budget traveler.

The Bottom Line

Traveling as a broke student is possible! You can accomplish anything you put your mind to, and visiting other countries is not an exception. As you can see, you just have to plan everything ahead, and your dream of visiting an exotic destination may come true sooner than you think.