Practical Nomad


Living the life of a nomad has an allure of romance and freedom about it which is undeniable. The ability to chart your own course and explore the world on your own timeline. However, there is a practical approach that must be firmly established as you watch the road, waterways, and skies unfold.

On the Road Protection

One of the challenges for those who have a nomadic lifestyle is the frequent changes of residence. Even if you’re renting for a short period of time, it’s a good idea to look at some of the renters insurance quotes that can be found online. Renters insurance protects your belongings should anything happen to the home or apartment you are temporarily renting. While the landlord’s insurance will cover the home itself, it will not cover your clothes, laptop, or other personal items.

To ensure you always have a list available in case of an emergency, take pictures or video of your belongings. This should ideally be done in each location when you move so you have proof they were in the residence should they be stolen, damaged, or destroyed. Then upload them to a cloud storage device. After all, they don’t do you any good if they are also destroyed.

Other insurance policies to consider as you travel around the world are a comprehensive health insurance that has in network coverage even if you are not in the state it was issued. A comprehensive auto policy is another must if your travels will be primarily via your personal vehicle. Many auto policies have additional benefits such as free towing, 24-hour roadside assistance, and more. Ask about the bonus benefits for all your insurance policies to make sure you can take advantage of them if needed.

Home Addresses for Wanderers

Receiving mail can be a real hassle if you don’t have a consistent home base. This is true whether you are traveling around the country in a camper or RV or if you like to live in different locations for short periods. One way to handle mail delivery is to simply have your mail held at the post office of your primary residence until you return or have a friend or family member pick it up for you.

This is problematic if you do not have a primary residence or if you want to know what is coming in as it arrives. Even with a friend or family member taking over mail delivery, it can quickly become a burden for them to constantly sort, organize, and update you. Fortunately, there are services that make this much easier. There are many different services that will give you a real street address or PO Box to which you can have mail and packages delivered. They then scan and email the contents to you or send you the items you want to a specific address.

This comes in especially handy for individuals who are traveling outside of the country who face international shipping challenges. But it is also great for those who simply want the freedom to travel as they wish without needing to tie themselves to a primary residence.

Maintaining Connections Worldwide

When you first set out on the adventure of living a nomadic lifestyle you will only be leaving behind one city of friends and family. It is easy to maintain those connections with semi-frequent trips back home. Once you begin traveling more extensively you may find you quickly gather a collection of friends from all over the country and perhaps even the world. Making time to visit these new friends will likely be more of a challenge.

Thanks to the numerous advances in technology and the wide availability internet access, there are far more ways to stay connected in a meaningful and real time way. Video calls are a great way to sit down and have a cup of coffee with a friend who is thousands of miles away. You can also use messaging apps, text, email, and social media to stay connected throughout your travels.

If you’ve decided to leave the monotony of single dwelling living behind and become a modern day nomad, you’ve picked an excellent time to begin your adventure. The world has never been a friendlier place for those who love to explore.