How To Prepare For A Successful Winter Road Trip With Your Cat


The winter holiday season is off to a lovely start, and for most people, this is the perfect time to make the long drive home to be with loved ones this time of year. According to a study, family visits account for 43% of long-distance trip during Christmas. For some cat owners, making the trip home is also a way to introduce their new family members and pets to their nearest and dearest. Though non-pet owners may find it quite odd to go on a road trip with a cat, traveling with a feline companion has become increasingly common over the years as a survey reveals that 37% of pet owners take their pets on the road. Traveling with a cat presents a lot of challenges, but there are ways to make the trip smoother. Here’s a guide to prepare for a winter road trip with your cat.

Medical preparation

Before leaving for your winter road trip, take your cat to the vet to make sure that he is up to date on vaccines. You should have a hard copy of those vaccination records as well as your cat’s insurance papers in case of emergencies. Bring those documents with you as your cat may need medical attention sometime during your trip. You should also pack a first aid kit for your cat so you can clean minor scrapes, remove splinters, or wash out foreign matter from your pet’s eyes and ears while you’re on the road.

Ensure your cat’s comfort

An uncomfortable cat is an unhappy cat, and you certainly don’t want to deal with a yowling pet while you’re driving. Keep your cat warm by letting your pet wear a sweater and booties, and don’t forget your pet’s favorite blanket so he can snuggle with it while you’re traveling. Consider bringing a collapsible cat bed so your pet has a comfy place to rest while you’re on your road trip.

Feed your cat

Just as you need to make a few stops to get some food, your cat also needs to refuel and rehydrate while you’re traveling. Make sure to have some bottled water, cat food, a food bowl and a water bowl in your car and feed your cat as needed. If your cat is trained to come when called, you can let your pet out during stops, but keep a close watch on your pet so he won’t wander off during pit stops.

A road trip can be a fun and exciting adventure for you and your pet. Try these tips for a successful road trip with your cat this holiday season.