Principle Animal Species Found in New Mexico


New Mexico is a vast landlocked state, often only known by the public through film and TV series. The diverse landscape makes it an excellent adventure tourism destination for those who are ready for something a little different than the usual. The animal species of these varying landscapes are one of the great attractions New Mexico has to offer.


Animals – Be Aware

Would you prefer to see a large 4-legged mammal? Perhaps a smaller tree-dweller that’s more difficult to spot? New Mexico is home to such a vast range of animal types it is sure to have something for whoever you are. Do be careful though. Some of the animals may seem cute in pictures but are incredibly dangerous if not approached with care, or if approached at all.

  • It is advised to always carry a defense spray with you if you are going out into the wilderness.
  • Never venture out on your own and be sure to inform another person of your whereabouts incase contact becomes difficult.
  • Carry a communication device with you. A mobile probably won’t have signal if you are going into the nature, but it’s worth carrying with you for emergencies incase it become usable.
  • If you see a large animal you should always make yourself look as big and as frightening as possible. If confronted by a bear for example, raise your arms and start shouting. DO NOT run in the other direction because bears are much faster than humans. Your best chance of survival is to scare the bear into going in the other direction.
  • Always make yourself heard. When you’re walking, try singing a song or speaking in loud voices to make yourself known to any animals.

The following animals are some of the highlighted species of New Mexico. Of course, there are countless others to be seen! These have been selected as some of the most interesting or notable for your visit.

American Black Bear

This evasive and secretive animal can be deceiving. They can actually be found in a wide variety of colours from black to brown. The smallest of the bear species, they’re robust, shy and very intelligent. Beware of crossing a cub because it most likely indicates that the mother is somewhere nearby. Seeing and American Black Bear would certainly be an impressive item to add to your list as it is the official New Mexico state animal.

Big Cats

The Bobcat and Cougar and two other impressive animals that are also protected by the New Mexico state law. Although your chances of sighting them are very slim, you may see them at dawn or dusk when they are most active. When considering buying property in New Mexico, homes for sale in Albuquerque for example, invasion or fear of these larger predators need not be a worry. Nature is very close to front doors in New Mexico but the bright lights and bustle of the towns and cities keeps these larger animals at bay. There is also still enough protected wild land for these animals to hunt and stay occupied with their territory for them to want to venture into human populated land.

Kangaroo Rat

This funny and furry little creature needs to be added to the list simply because of their duality in name. Spotted on the desert flats if you are patient and look closely enough, they’ve been named so because of the form of their hind legs, just like a kangaroo. Searching for Kangaroo Rats can be an easy activity with kids, and even so much as helpful! They’re quick movements mean it’s necessary for anyone searching to have sharp eyes and wits about them!

There really is a huge abundance of wildlife to be seen in New Mexico if you are an avid outdoor explore. The three species mentioned above are some of the more popular animals that people hope to spot but certainly not the only ones. Once again though, as always with wild animals, make sure to be properly prepared before becoming a guest on ane wild animal’s home ground. A fun day trip could quickly become an unfortunate tale to take home or to the hospital. That being said, get out there and have fun!