Professional Makeup Tricks That Any Lady Should Know

Do you need some professional makeup tricks to enhance your look? We have to share some with you. As soon as you go through them, you will know which makeup mistakes you have made. There are some things that we usually don’t do, but they will do a huge difference. Did you know that you can line your eyebrows with concealer and make a huge difference? Read on and find out more about this trick, as well as a few other secret tricks!

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Use lipliner smartly

Lining your lips is an essential step from your makeup routine. It will define the lips and make them look bigger. Draw an “X” to mark the Cupid’s bow, and mark the outer corner of the lips. Then, continue to lightly mark your lips by connecting them. To add additional definition, you can line the lips on the outside with an angled brush and a lighter concealer than your actual skin color. This will make your beautiful lips pop even more.


Define your brows naturally

We know that it is all about having well-defined and shaped brows. This is something that will frame your face, so don’t skip doing your brows. If you don’t like using the usual bow products but still want to add definition, don’t worry. There is another commonly used trick that will define the eyebrows in a very natural way. All you need to do is line them with a little bit of concealer. Make sure that the shade is a little lighter than your skin tone. Use an angled brush and apply a small amount of the product. Line the eyebrows and blend the concealer. This will give your brows a nice shape, without making them stand out too much.


Apply blush the right way

Blush is a very important makeup product that you shouldn’t skip. However, be sure that you apply it the right way. When you apply powder product, use a wide and fluffy brush. If you prefer creamy formula, you can apply it with your fingers. If you are up for a natural makeup look, apply some on the eyes too.


Get more than one concealer

If you weren’t blessed with a perfectly clear skin, it is very likely that you will need additional coverage. Keep in mind that you can’t solve everything using only one concealer. In most of the cases, you will need to get a few different types. A liquid concealer is a great choice to cover the undereye circles, but still don’t end up with cakey look. For hiding pimples and scars you should use a creamy product so that you can cover it perfectly. Also, don’t forget about the power of correctors. A green corrector will cancel the redness, while an orange one will cancel out the dark circles under the eyes.



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