Progressive Lens Review and How to Choose the Right Pair?


In case your optician has suggested a change, or you may be feeling that your present prescription is not suitably adjusting as per your vision, then you may consider progressive lens.

In such case, there can be a number of questions that you may have regarding these lenses and how they work. Also, you will like to know how to select the right lens for your needs. In this post we shall try to answer your questions regarding these lenses.


Why will you need any progressive lens?

In case you have got multiple prescriptions that are meant for different distances, then you may be switching all your life between 2 or 3 pairs of glasses. Some of you must have begun to find that with no single prescription, your vision is getting corrected.

Due to this reason, all your daily activities are really getting badly affected. Then in that case according to Glasses Gallery reviews, any progressive lenses can be the only best answer for you.

How to choose right progressive lenses?

Based on your individual vision needs, you can find many different varieties of progressive lenses that are available to you. You can also get lenses which can also be custom designed specifically as per the condition of your eye sight.

Some of you may need for longer distance or intermediate distance while some need only for near vision correction.


As far as the broad classification of the progressive lens is concerned, there can be 4 broad categories of progressive lens:

  • Standard lenses

With these types of lenses, you can have large portion of your lens meant for near vision area of the prescription.

They are however less adaptable when you decide to choose your preferred glass frames because these lenses need certain amount of lens space to achieve much smoother transition between longer distance and close vision prescriptions.

  • Short corridor lenses

These types of lenses were designed for fitting into any small, more fashionable types of glass frames. This corridor will refer to the space provided to your close sighted prescription.

It may be fairly narrow hence they may take certain amount of time to get adapted to. You must keep this very well in your mind that you have to read or also use your smartphone quite often.

  • Computer progressive lenses

These lenses are specifically designed for tasks which use your intermediate range of vision prescription. Such lenses will give a lot of space for your intermediate area of the prescription.

Generally, those who often work with their computers on a regular basis is recommended to go for this type of progressive lens.

  • Premium progressive lenses

The premium progressive lenses can be fully customized as per the needs of wearers and so they are compatible with all kind of frames size or shape. They can also provide much larger area of near vision.

For all your detailed optical as well as lens queries, it is better to ask your optician. An optician will be the right person to advise you about what type of lenses that can be the best choice for you, and also to answer any of your queries that you may have which pertains to your specific optical needs.

Although there are many optical stores online that offer progressive lenses, a few many not be genuine. Thus, it is suggested that you carry out a thorough research before making any purchase. This will have you save your money and time. If needed, you could also ask your eye doctor as to where to buy your lens from and who do they recommend the most.