Properly Protect Your Home Before Heading Out on Your Next Vacation


Going on vacation can be a lot of fun. You have a lot of packing and planning to do to ensure that you can have as much fun on your trip as possible, but it is important to take the time to make sure that you protect your home as best as you can while you are away, as well. Use the guide that follows to learn a few tips on how to protect your home before you take that next trip across the country or halfway around the globe.

Have a Security System Installed

The first thing that you can do is that you can have a security system installed in your home. Choose an alarm monitoring system that can be operated remotely so that you can turn it on and off as needed, in case family members or neighbors need to come into your home while you are away to care for your pets or drop off your mail.

Choose a system that includes security cameras positioned around and inside your home. This will allow you to monitor what goes on at all times while you are away. Choose a system that allows you to watch the live feed online on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Install Timers on Lights and Televisions

Before you leave, plug a few lights and at least one television into timers that are plugged into the wall. You can set the timers to turn on the lights and the television at a specific time of day each day. This will give the illusion that someone is in your home, even when they are not.

The timers can not only be set to turn on the lights and television, but also to turn them off. You don’t want to leave lights or the television on all of the time because they could become too hot and create a fire hazard.

Do Not Post Pictures from Your Trip on Social Media Right Away

Many people choose to post information about their trip on social media to share with others how great a time they are having. This is not a good idea because you don’tt know if a potential burglar could be looking at your feed to see when you are leaving, how long you will be gone, and when you will be back.

It is best to wait to discuss the trip until you get home. Post pictures and information about the trip after you finish it so that no one knows when you are leaving or when your home will be vacant.

Pause Mail and Newspaper Deliveries

Contact your local post office to pause the delivery of your mail and contact your newspaper delivery company and pause your newspaper service as well. If mail and newspapers collect in the mailbox or in front of your home, it can let a potential burglar know that you’re on vacation and could cause your home to become a target of theft.

It is important to have the security system installed a few weeks before you plan to go on vacation so that you can make sure that you know how to operate it properly. Be sure to look at the footage to ensure the cameras are pointed in the proper directions to record the areas of your home that you want to have recorded while you are away.