Property Hotspots: How to Land Your Dream House in the Right Location


When it comes to moving house, you can either look at the whole experience as a stressful and cumbersome process – or, you can seize the moment and welcome the new chapter of your life with open arms. Of course, relocating from A to B can be somewhat daunting – especially if you’ve to move suddenly due to work commitments or other factors outside your immediate control – however landing on the ideal property via sites like ForRent will surely put your mind at ease.

Feeling comfortable with your decision is of paramount importance. So, with this in mind, here’s how to land your dream house in the right location.

Take a reality check

First things first, it’s essential to get your head out of the clouds and stop pretending you can afford super expensive properties if you can’t. This will only lead to disappointment down the line, so instead, take a reality check and start looking for houses that are within your budget. By doing this, you’ll have a good idea what you can get for you money from state-to-state, neighborhood-to-neighborhood and can start making some realistic decisions. Following a realistic dream or you’re destined for disappointment.

Quick tip: If you’re buying, don’t forget to get a pre-approval letter which will tell you the exact amount you can borrow and determine how much you spend on your dream home. This document will also show sellers that you’ve got the funds to go through with the sale and set you apart from other buyers.

Do your research

Everyone knows that Florida is a property hotspot – with investors scrambling to buy the very best properties here – but what about elsewhere in America? From Georgia to New York City, Nevada to Colorado and Illinois, there’s no shortage of buzzing real estate markets, so why not escape the East Coast property bubble and think outside the box – or at least try? This might well depend on your dream. If you want to invest in a home that will grow in value then this will push you towards an area with a growing economy over a location picked on beautiful surrounds alone.

Not sure where to start? Then you must ask yourself some very important questions such as, could I live in a desert state such as Nevada, or would I be better off amongst the hustle and bustle of NYC? Another point of consideration is the number of tourists that visit your preferred destination year after year. Sure, you may pick a house next to one of the best beaches in America, but if the coastline is packed out every summer with excitable holidaymakers, you may wish you’d moved somewhere different.

Know the neighborhood well

As part of your property research you should make it your mission to know each neighborhood on your shortlist very well – and not just rely on a realtor to fill in the gaps. While this can be tricky, especially if you live far away from the house you want to buy, it’s well worth paying one or more trips to your preferred area in order to suss out local amenities and get an overall feel for the local vibe. While visiting, don’t forget to pay attention to small details such as how well people look after their back yards, whether the streets look clean and tidy and if the garbage is emptied regularly as this will give you a more honest picture of what it’s like to live there. These sorts of things can turn your dream into a nightmare once you’ve got your keys so it’s important to try to consider them first instead.

Be the first to pounce

Want the house of your dreams? Then be prepared to work for it. The housing market is ever-changing and highly competitive, so be in the know by signing up to numerous property listing services and making regular contact with top agencies so they know you’re on a serious house-hunting mission. Be as vocal as possible so you don’t just get swept under the rug and forgotten about – and don’t forget to download the various house listing apps which you can browse during the spare minutes of your day. It’s a tough market, so you need to roll your sleeves up.