Pros and Cons of Using A Marble Countertop For Your Kitchen


Marble is an unquestionably delightful material that right away gives your kitchen a sense of elegance and glory. From time immemorial the world’s most prominent artists and engineers have decided to work with this medium. And it has always been a top choice among the present architects in molding countertops for stylish kitchens and restrooms.

Not to stress — we’ve figured out the entirety of the pros and cons of marble countertops to assist you with making a right choice.


Pro 1: Marble Countertops Are Gorgeous

We know it’s extremely self-evident, but there it is, we’ve put it out in the public. Marble is the Cindy-Crawford-in-the-nineties supermodel of countertop materials. Marble countertops offer an intense expression in any room, adding a practically otherworldly atmosphere of excellence that is capable of making jaws-drop.

Con 1: Marble Can Be Incredibly Expensive

Extravagance is rarely modest, and marble is the encapsulation of extravagance. Because of the cost of Marble, people tend to choose cheaper versions like laminate which are not at all bad. If you’re one of those people then this article includes a great overview of marble vs. laminate and you might want to give it a read.

Since marble exists in endless places thus numerous assortments, it’s accessible in an unbelievably wide scope of characteristics and costs. It is conceivable to search around and find moderately reasonable choices for common quality marble countertops, however the flawlessly smooth stuff that shines and sparkles like a Grecian sanctuary in the sun can be restrictively costly.

Pro 2: They’re Made Of Naturally Occurring Materials 

Disregarding its VIP status, marble is really a somewhat omnipresent material. The normally occurring stone can be discovered everywhere on the globe, making it broadly accessible in numerous assortments. The cool, smooth surfaces of your marble countertops are a refined method to bring a component of nature into your home.

Con 2: Marble Is Incredibly Heavy

It is quite heavy. Like truly, ludicrously substantial. On the off chance that you were considering installing a marble countertop all alone, reconsider, on the grounds that you could harm yourself, or harm the marble. However, on the off chance that your heart is totally determined to DIY, with regards to marble, we suggest that you select tiles, leaving the chunks to the experts.

Pro 3: Marble Can Increase The Value Of Your Property

Regardless of whether as of late renovated or just painstakingly thought about throughout the long term, stone highlights that are in acceptable condition can really add to the estimation of your home. The fabulous impression alone that very much kept up marble countertops make on potential purchasers can contribute essentially to a property’s sale ability.

Con 3: Marble Countertops Stain Easily

Odds are that you’d preferably utilize your countertops than protect them like figures in an exhibition hall, however with marble you may feel constrained to begin standing watch. On account of the normal porosity of the stone, spills can undoubtedly seep down where it counts into your marble ledges and become stains.

Pro 4: In The Right Conditions, They’re Long-lasting

With love and care, marble countertops can keep going for an incredibly significant time-frame. Low-traffic conditions are ideal for expanding marble’s life span, so consider what best accommodates your way of life. Have children? Like facilitating lots of gatherings? Consider getting your marble fix in the main restroom and going with a lower-support material for countertops in family filled kitchens or every now and again utilized guest washrooms.

Con 4: Marble Can Be Delicate

As stones go, marble is one of the gentler ones, and in spite of its considerable heaviness it is in reality weak and breakable. Dropping anything sharp as well as a heavy object on your marble countertops can cause the sort of harm that may make you cry.

Pro 5: They Are Truly Unique

Marble is one of a kind material in the most genuine feeling of the word.. As a characteristic stone, the actual appearance of your marble countertop is totally natural — nobody plans these surfaces except for Mother Nature, and she’s given us bounty to work with.

 Con 5: They Degrade Over Time

Like any normal stone, marble separates over the long run, and in case you’re not scrupulous about maintenance, you can wind up assisting the cycle. With ordinary use, all marble countertops will ultimately give indications of mileage, however you can limit it via caring about your countertops the correct way.

Marble countertops are GREAT for your kitchen but you’ve also got to consider the above mentioned points while going for marble countertops.