How to Protect Your Outdoor Area


Most homeowners cherish their outdoor area. Whether it’s reduced to a condo balcony or sits on several acres, we tend to want to keep it pretty and original. This often leads to the installation of outdoor furniture, flower beds, ornaments, and other ways to spruce up the outside of a dwelling.

However, the inherent risk posed to these outdoor areas is the relatively easy access permitted to trespassers. Unless you’re situated several floors above street level, the bad elements can do what they please with whatever is left outside.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the chances of this happening, allowing homeowners to freely dress the outside of their residence however they see fit.

The eyes in the sky and in your pocket

Outdoor furniture, lawn ornaments, and other accessories for a home’s front and backyards make for common targets for local troublemakers. What seems like harmless teenage riff raff to them can add up to hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars of loss and damages for you, as well as sentimental loss if a family heirloom is taken as a “practical joke.”

The best solution for keeping kids from messing with your outdoor area is to install a mobile accessible security system. An ADT monitoring service, for example, allows for homeowners to check up on their property even while on vacation. Coupled with the ability to instantly call authorities, this helps to both discourage trouble and track down the wrong-doers, too.

Let there be light

The more manicured parts of the backyard are often a source of pride for homeowners. The flowers and produce of a summer garden are hydrated with sweat and tears as much as they are the rain. Keep these hard earned sections of your outdoors protected by installing chicken wire fencing to ward off rabbits and other animals looking to feast on what lies within.

To scare off bipedal fruit and vegetable thieves as well as mischief makers wanting to cause damage, put up some motion sensing outdoor lighting. This also serves to keep prowlers out of your backyard in general. For the energy savers out there, choose low wattage options. Those believing the brighter the better will likely find satisfaction in putting floodlights up.

Know your neighbors

Becoming friendly with other folks living on your block ought to occur for more than the selfish reason of extra eyes on your property. However, this benefit of good neighborly relations can motivate the initial outreach.

The key is to allow this to be a reciprocal thing. Keep your eyes peeled for unfamiliar facings hanging around your neighbor’s property. This helps to establish security for everyone, which does also help to raise property value too…just saying…

Shenanigans aimed toward outdoor furniture, gardening efforts, and decorations are a common aggravation of suburbia. These seemingly inevitable nuisances ought not be enough to deter homeowners from taking advantage of their outdoor property. They just require a little bit of preparation.

One last thing: these added security measures help to lower your homeowner’s insurance. Take the savings and put them toward another add on to the outdoor decor.