Pub hopping or street shopping – Bangalore never fails to delight


Bangalore is a cultural melting pot with people from all walks of life and different parts of the country making it their home. A booming IT industry coupled with mesmerising greenery thanks to its numerous parks and gardens, Bangalore has earned itself the double distinction of being called the Silicon Valley of India as well as the garden city of India. One would be mistaken if one thought that Bangalore is nothing more than an information technology hub of the country for it has slowly gained the tag of being the party capital of India. With numerous pubs and discothèques, the city is a bonanza for those who love to party. Of late, numerous concerts featuring famous international bands have been hosted here, making the city a hot spot for party lovers. One can also satiate their love for shopping by indulging in street shopping and picking up local stuff. Bangalore is a power packed city which attracts tourists and business people from all over.

Choose the best mode of transportation while visiting the city

Bangalore is a lively place beaming with shops, markets, tourist spots, gardens and restaurants which are always full of people looking to have a good time. While the city is lively and happening, getting around might become a challenge especially if one opts for public transportation. Although very reliable and easily available, public transportation will not give the comfort and freedom of having a dedicated vehicle. The best way to traverse through the streets of Bangalore is to have a self drive vehicle. Of late, the concept of self drive cars in India has picked up pace with people preferring to take their own cars at rent rather than being dependent on others to drive them around.

Make the most out of your trip

Be it business or leisure, late night partying or sightseeing, having a self-drive vehicle is a boon. Car rental companies like Zoomcar offer a range of luxurious cars in different segments for one to pick from. The advantage of having a self drive car is multi-fold. The driver has complete access and control over the car without being bound by the number of hours or kilometres. Complete privacy and freedom to navigate is another added benefit one gets while driving their own car. Such cars come pre-loaded with fuel, insurance coverage, road side assistance and other perks which ensure that one not only has a comfortable journey but also a hassle free one so that one can make the most of any trip.

The best deals with just a click

One can easily book a car via Zoomcar’s phone app or website with just a click and kick start the journey immediately on arrival into the city. With the option of a self-drive car rental, Bangalore has become an even better place to visit where one can zip across the city at will without worrying about the time or the meter ticking.