She Put Three Bookshelves From IKEA Sideways On The Floor To Make A Wonderful Platform Bed


When you are short on storage space in your bedroom, you can use the space under the bed. But not in the way you used to put everything underneath when you were ten and instead maybe try to make a DIY IKEA shelf storage bed. And now you are probably in doubt of how to do this, so keep on reading to find the answer.

Some people can be quite creative and this is especially true when it comes to using IKEA designs. So, here is this lady, that took three bookshelves from IKEA to make a brand new platform bed, that can serve as a closet too.

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You should measure both the bed and the shelves before you make the purchase, so that you can get the right size. So, once she took the shelves, she assembled them and turned each one on their sides in a U shape. With the U pressed against the wall, there were twelve cubes exposed for storage as well as a big area in the center which is perfect for storage too. The shelves can be also screwed together to make them more stable, but this is not really necessary.

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The next step was to place a large sheet of plywood over the top and than the mattress. And now it was time to add some storage bins to the cubbies and make the bed.

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The storage bins can be filled with clothes, shoes, accessories, books and whatever you like. So, how about you try to make one such bed and thus provide some extra storage space in your bedroom?

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Find the detailed instructions on Instructables!