Quick Room Makeovers


Most of the time, when people decorate, they like to do it at a leisurely pace. We all love clicking through home design sites, and flicking through home decor magazines, getting ideas and putting together a style book before we decorate.

However, sometimes we do not have the luxury of time. This page is all about what to do if you need to makeover a room, fast. Here, we are going to show you how to transform a room in just a day, or over a weekend.

Give it a spring clean

Often taking a couple of hours to deep clean a room can save you a lot of hard work. Sometimes washing down the paintwork, and using techniques like these, to remove marks from the walls, can be enough to make it look fresh. That could save you from having to paint. Even if that does not work out to be the case you will not have wasted the time you spent cleaning, because you will need to do it anyway before you paint or redecorate.

Refresh the walls

If it turns out that the walls do need decorating, consider using wall stickers, instead of painting. Often using these works out just as cheap as painting. Applying them takes less time than it does to paint an entire room.

Renew the fixtures

Updating items like the light fixtures and handles makes a huge difference to how modern a room looks. Replacing these will only take an hour or so, and is not expensive to do.

New flooring

If you are lucky, giving the existing floor a good clean and maybe adding a rug will be enough. Should this not work, do not worry just replace the floors. This is no longer expensive or time consuming to do.

Modern vinyl or laminate flooring comes in a range of finishes. It is not expensive, and is easy to install.

Invest in new furniture

Updating the furniture in a room is also a good idea. The quickest way to do it is to hire furniture UK based firms that normally lease items to developers. These furniture-leasing specialists are more than happy to offer their services to homeowners. All you need to do is to go to their website and choose the items you need. That takes just a few minutes.

Then all you have to do is to wait for the furniture to be delivered. A good firm will set everything up for you, including the soft furnishings, linen and decorative items, that you order from them.

The finishing touches

Once you have finished decorating the room, and got the furniture all you need to do is to add the finishing touches. The best way to get this done quickly is to order what you need online.

There are some great home decor retailers out there, which enable you to shop by theme, colour or style. The fact that everything is grouped together makes it easy to find all of the items you want, and order them quickly. Usually it only takes about an hour to place your order, plus another hour to unpack everything and lay it all out.

As you can see making over a room does not need to take days. It really is possible to do it in a day.