Quirky Upcycled Storage Ideas for National Recycle Week!


From the 22nd to the 28th June the UK celebrates National Recycling Week by taking part in various initiatives to decrease landfill waste. Organisers Wrap hold the event once a week each year and the focus of 2015’s recycle week is on upcycling and repurposing items in your home.

This is spurred on by the Government who plan to reach 70% household waste being recycled in the next ten years. It may seem a lot but since 2001 the UK has tripled their recycling from 12% to 43% (total household waste recycled) in 2013. That is a lot of household waste going to recycle centres UK wide.

The overall plan is for a total ban on any landfill accepting recyclable waste by 2025, that’s in just ten years!

Apart from packaging recycling you can re-purpose items yourself at home on a larger scale and make a creative and eco-friendly home. Another benefit is that we all have some items with sentimental value, some we cannot bare to part with and some we like but not sure how we can use them or if we have anywhere for them.

Here are my top ingenious and easy recycled projects that all involve upcycling items found around the home and mean all your clutter has a purpose;

  1. The Book Stand
Image source: https://uk.pinterest.com

A recent study found that book worms own between 50 to 200 books at any one time. If you are an avid reader and are looking for a clever way to recycle your well-thumbed novels or make the most of your hobbies then the bookstand is the perfect option.

Simply glue and pin the books together to make a stand and paint in your chosen colours. Hardback books in varied sizes make the best effect and paint in a matt finish.

  1. Garden Bird Feeder

The cup and saucer is so very 1950’s, while still being the quintessential vintage must have for any kitchen but in today’s society it is less practical then the builder’s tea mug.

Image source: https://uk.pinterest.com

You can pick up a great selection of cups and saucers from charity shops ranging in designs from the 50’s to the swinging 70’s.  Simply fix the cup edge to the saucer base and tie a sting to the cup handle, wolla!

  1. Suitcase Seat
    Image source: https://uk.pinterest.com

    Image source: https://uk.pinterest.com

Dig your vintage cases out of your loft and place them on show in your home. The heavy and substantially made cases are perfect for making home furniture. Using recycled chair legs in different designs but the same height can add more detail and you can make a storage truck or with a little help from an upholsterer a wonderful armchair or stall.

  1. Bicycle in the Bathroom

    Image source: https://uk.pinterest.com

If your bicycle has a flat tyre or perhaps the seats just not that comfy then consider making it into a bathroom sink!

Here you can see how some clever carpentry and plumbing makes vintage style bike into a pedestal with handy towel basket. Other items like unicycles and beer barrels also make great sink pedestals.

You can take a look at my Pinterest for lots more ideas.

Written by Gina Hutchings, representative for Storage Maker, custom made storage solutions for your home and Room 4 Interiors Luxury Furniture.