Quitting Smoking without Compromising on Style


One of the difficult parts of swapping cigarettes for a vape is the aesthetic. The clouds thrown out often aren’t the most inconspicuous of things and smoking has gone hand in hand with rebels, rock stars and fashion icons for decades. From Bridget Bardot and Twiggy with a cigarette sitting delicately in their mouths, to Hugh Hefner and Sylvester Stallone with their pipes and cigars – tobacco products have always been an integral part of their image.

However, with the increase in knowledge and research into the effects of smoking there’s a new wave coming. Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio have all been spotted sporting vapes instead of the cancer-causing accessories.

It’s not just celebrities who have substituted smoking for vaping, plenty of ex-smokers attribute their success to these little electronic devices. The difficulty with using things like patches and gum is that many quitting smokers miss the process of inhaling as much as the actual chemicals themselves. So how can you maintain your image and identity without compromising on indulging in a habit you’re not quite ready to give up? Answer: Pod mods.

What are Pod Mods?

Pod mods are a unique and relatively recent creation of the vaping world. They’re small, portable and discrete meaning you aren’t going to be one of “those” people you see with a mod the size of a 90’s mobile phone. Unlike cig-a-likes they’re also more powerful and more customisable meaning you can use them how you want to. With quitting smokers forming the bulk of new vapers, many devices are still designed to replace the smoking experience. From nicotine hit to the physical practice of inhaling smoke (or in this case, vapour) you won’t want to look back. Smokers can be put off by the more elaborate and intricate setups making these kits an ideal compromise.

They consist of a simple compact shell that houses a battery, charged through a USB port and a pod to hold your liquid. The coil itself sits within the pod (the coil heats your liquid) meaning when you’re getting less vapour through, you just change out to a new pod. Many pods are also refillable meaning you get more use out of them and have more choice on flavour than disposable system vapes.

What kind of pod kit are you?

The beauty of pod kits is their different designs – the shape and specs of these vapes varies massively from brand and model meaning you can find just one that’s just right. Whether you’re looking for something bright and colourful, minimalist or totally unique, there’s a model that goes with your look. All of these models have manual draw activation (meaning no buttons required – and it feels like smoking) so they’re a great introduction to vaping.

Suorin Air – for the fashion conscious.

No bigger than your credit card, this unique little pod is sleek, minimalistic and goes with any outfit. Sliding into your back pocket with a 400mAh battery and refillable 2ml capacity cartridge, it’s a great pick for on the go or a night out.

  • Its mouthpiece is built into the cartridge, meaning less cleaning is involved as you get a new one every time you replace the pod.
  • Charges in just 30 minutes – so you can just plug it in while you’re getting dressed in the morning. It’ll be fully charged and ready to go the same time you are.
  • Empty cartridges so you can choose your flavour, for those days when you’re feeling indecisive…or just if you get bored easily.
  • Comes in several colours including black, rose gold, silver and grey. With their affordable price point, you can have more than one if you just can’t decide which one you like best.

Hexa – for the executive.

High powered and distinguished individual, Hexa brings you the slim, matte black pod system. With disposable pods in a high-nic level, they’re ideal for the smoker in a high stress position who needs a quick hit. If you’re looking for something healthier and as time-efficient as possible, this is the one for you.

  • Utilises a mix of nic salts and freebase nicotine, delivering you a powerful hit and great flavour. With four flavours to choose from, you can switch them up when you feel like something a little different.
  • A simple magnetic pod system, no refilling required, just pop in a fresh cartridge and you’re good to go. Each pod equates to about 2 packs of cigarettes, so while these ones are disposable, you still get plenty of mileage out of them.
  • Because you don’t need to refill anything yourself, they’re as consistent and reliable as your weekly board meetings so you know you’ll get the perfect level of vapour every time.
  • The 350mAh battery is quick to charge. Just like the pods, the charger connects through a magnetic system and only takes 45 minutes to get you pack to full power.

Mi pod – for the hipster.

Not one to conform to what everyone else is doing, the Mi Pod from Smoking Vapour comes in a huge colour spectrum. From high-shine metallic to grainy digital finishes for a little more texture, you’re spoiled for choice. With the USB charging port and miniscule size (just 51 x 60mm) it’s one of the most compact vapes around, without compromising on impact.

  • With a patented OAS (Oil and Air Separated) system, you can put this one in your pocket without risking liquid leakage.
  • It also has top dual-airflow for increased vapour production and flavour, and with refillable pods you get more use from them too.
  • Ideal for nic salts for that intense nic-hit, however you can use them with lower nicotine level juices too meaning whatever your preference, the Mi Pod has you covered.
  • The largest battery of all these systems, its 950mAh battery capacity means you can go to the farmers market, vintage shops and stop for a craft beer without worrying about recharging.