The Radiance Refresher – A Glamourous Guide to Switching Up Your Style


The new year brings all sorts of things – new jobs, new schools, new friends and a new outlook on life, but where the tangible begins is where the new year brings new fashion. Trends come and go, and riding the waves of those trends is where fashion lives and breathes. It cannot exist without people willing to don a new, experimental piece of clothing and declare “this is fashionable now”.

This new year is no different, and it brings with it a wave of new fashions; like the resurgence of vintage prince tshirts, or new jumpers from Here we detail these wonderful new items, that you may gaze upon them in rapt delight and plan your wardrobe accordingly.

New Shoes

One thing people tend to forget when bringing in a new haul of styles is their shoes. People can change every facet of their plentiful wardrobes and leave their shoes untouched. Why? Because it is easy to try on and buy new clothes, and less so to find and buy new, trendy shoes. Go out to a fashionable shoe store and find yourself shoes that you like and get them. If you don’t want to break the bank but need more than one pair ASAP, maybe have an op-shop day and look for second-hand shoes that can accentuate your new styles. The possibilities are further extended when you take your shoes into account.

New Hair

While on the subject of “things that often get forgotten when planning new styles for the new year”; we have to talk about hair. Changing your hair with the new year can put a whole new spin on all of your existing outfits, and your new ones as well. Make sure you’ve planned the right hairstyle for your intended levels of trendiness, and stick to your guns with it. Own that new hairstyle like nothing you’ve ever owned before, and your confidence will make it work.

Old Clothes

Trying vintage clothes to spice up a selection of clothing items is a time-honoured tradition of hipsters and indie kids everywhere, and luckily for them, that stuff is becoming popular in the mainstream. Op-Shops, goodwill shops, and secondhand stores everywhere stock items and clothing that you might have never considered before, that also happen to suit your needs to a tee.

Most t-shirts in op-shops tend to go for no more than $5, and jackets and jumpers no more than $15, making them a treasure trove of potential purchases for you. Do a couple of rounds of these places and find yourself fully stocked for the coming year.

New Trends

Going to the indie dark side and changing your hair, shoes, and overall fashion direction doesn’t mean you can’t hook on to the modern trends. On the contrary, you should absolutely look at what’s cool now and make it your own with your own additions and subtractions, using those very useful clothes you picked up at the op shops to guide your fashion sense in an upward and sideways direction, to exactly where you need to be.

With all of these things combined, the future’s looking bright for your wardrobe diversity and colour coordinations. Following our glamorous guide could be the only step between you and a successfully trendy set of clothes to last you the whole year.