Reasons to Purchase Refurbished Woodwork Machinery


Any woodworker, whether it’s a beloved hobby or your 9-5, will know that creating and making wooden goods to keep or sell is incredibly rewarding. Nothing beats crafting your ideas and bringing them to life. Of course, to do this, you need the right tools and, in some cases, woodwork machinery, to complete those larger tasks. With a wide selection of tools on the market it can sometimes be hard to know what you need or where to start, particularly if you are trying to save your money or cut your workshop costs. New tools and machinery can take a huge chunk out of your budget. For quality at a lower cost, why not consider refurbished woodwork machinery?

Quality at a good price

The main reason any woodworker would opt for refurbished machinery over new, is the cost. With a refurbished machine you are guaranteed to get the machine you need at a lower cost. Helping you to keep your outgoings down. Choosing to buy the high-end branded woodwork machines which have been refurbished will likely provide a better service than those lower cost machines you can buy for new at commercial retailers. The quality is not the same and therefore the outcome of your wood projects will be impacted.

Receive expert advice

Making a purchase of woodwork machinery is a big investment and requires a lot of research and time to find the right machine for your needs. Purchasing refurbished machinery through a reputable woodwork company will offer you the addition of expert advice that mainstream and online retailers cannot. Those who have spent the time to refurbish the machine will have expert and hands on knowledge of exactly what it does, how it can be used, and how the machine should be maintained to receive the best quality. With expertly refurbished machinery there should be no hard sell and no pressure to make a purchase, just genuine advice and all your questions and queries answered.

Whether you need routers, saws, planers or spindle moulders for your woodwork project or business, the success or failure of it depends on the build quality of the machine and its individual components. Machinery which has been refurbished will have been cared for by experts with industry experience and a vast knowledge of woodwork.

Environmentally friendly

As a business owner, in particular, a new focus to contend with in today’s modern world Is caring for the environment whilst running your business. Many wood workshops have already resorted to recycling where possible, ethically disposing of their waste, and sourcing eco-friendly woods from fast-growing and replaceable species of trees. Another way you can keep your workshop running sustainably, is to give new life to old machines by purchasing refurbished machinery and tools. This way you are expanding the life of a machine which may have originally been taken to landfill. When properly kept and well maintained your refurbished machine could provide you years of service.


Things to check when buying refurbished machinery 


When purchasing any piece of machinery it is important to carry out a physical inspection to ensure the quality matches that of the seller’s description. If you know your stuff, you will soon spot any errors or damage which may be a cause for concern. If you do spot any working issues with the refurbished machine, flag this with the seller in the early stages of negotiation to guarantee a fix. 

User guides and paperwork 

It will also be worth asking the seller or dealer if they have the appropriate paperwork for the woodwork machine. There are often manufacturer guides which will aid you in the maintenance of the machine. This will also be useful if you need to source any replacement parts. 


A reputable seller or dealer or refurbished machinery will not hesitate to provide you a guarantee. It is very important you check before you buy that this is the case. A guarantee will protect you as a buyer.