Reckon Going to the Cinema is Expensive? Think Again


Have you ever been put off from going to the cinema by the cost? Many of us think twice about paying out an average price of £7.21 – especially when we know we’ll cave in and reach for the pricey popcorn while we’re at it.

Yet, is it actually that bad when you compare it to the cost of everything else? There are so many ways to lower electric bill in the winter and enjoy your life a little more. 


When you look back over the last 40 years you’ll soon realise that some things have increased in price far more than the cost of enjoying the latest blockbuster.

In 1975 it cost 61p to go to the cinema. That was 61p well spent if you used it to see Jaws, which topped the charts that year.

The price in 2015 was, then, almost 12 times more expensive – which probably sounds a lot.

Yet, the average person is actually paid 14 times more than they were in ’75. So, technically, a cinema ticket would require a smaller percentage of your pay packet.


A series of data cards show that such varied items as houses, beer and medicines have all risen in price much faster than a cinema ticket.


Not so bad value after all then? Plus, most of us could spend five minutes switching our energy supplier and save enough money to go to the cinema 27 times.

When you put it all like that, you needn’t feel so bad about paying to enjoy a film or two. You can thank us later…