Rediscovering the United States Craftsmanship with Timex’s American Documents 


Established in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company, Timex was renamed to its current name in 1969. Headquartered in Connecticut Timex is a truly American watchmaking company. It is known around the globe as one of the largest manufacturers of watches for men, women and kids . Not only are the timepieces immaculately designed but are also extremely affordable for all watch lovers. 

In its journey of 165 glorious years, the company has given us many classic and timeless watches. In what has been claimed as one of the most ambitious projects of this American brand, Timex has introduced a new collection: Timex American Documents. It is after many generations that Timex watches have been produced in the United States. The collection proudly states “Made in America” (with a Swiss Movement) on the dial, and has 4 time pieces, to begin with. 

Timex was the first brand that made clocks affordable for the general masses. It then ventured into the famous Yankee pocket watch and then wristwatches that made Timex synonymous with American watchmaking. It was recognized as being one of the best brands in sports watch for men. But it eventually began to produce overseas with a major bulk still being produced outside the States. Now, with the return of American manufacturing, it is imperative that these watches are worth your time and money. Here is why you should consider it.

The American Documents watch uses Swiss quartz movement. No one can deny that a Ronda movement ticking away inside a watch keeps good time. All the other components of the watch such as the dial, case and the strap are all produced within America. What makes this watch all the more special is the fact that the hands in the watch are the only shaped watch hands made in America. That makes the watch pretty exquisite. 

The features of the watch make it aesthetically pleasing and worth your attention. By the looks of it, the watch has a robust look and is dressy but not too much. It is ideal to be worn at the office, at home or a casual outing with friends. It has a round dial made in stainless steel in white, blue and black colors. The leather strap gives it a classic look. The water-resistance up to 30 meters makes the watch sturdy. 

These specifications make American Documents a charming timepiece that every watch enthusiast is talking about. Timex India is soon launching them in the country for all the aficionados. The brand is known as the best watch brand for men which is time and again proved by their ageless pieces.