Relationship Benefits From Couples Massage


Being in a relationship comes with a few cliches. Chocolates on Valentine’s Day, cheesy Halloween costumes, endless cuddles, etc. One of the most relaxing activities to do with your significant other is getting a couple’s massage. The benefits of massage including erasing stress and anxiety, relaxing your body and soul, and easing the pain of injuries. And getting a massage together can be romantic and downright sexy.

You may think a couples massage is reserved for tropical getaways or as a once a year treat, but there are countless benefits to making this type of massage a part of your regular routine. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and let that stress control your relationship. You deserve to find those special ways to reconnect and get intimacy back into your relationship. These are just a few examples of how committing to couples massages can help your relationship thrive.


Open Up

Massage is all about opening your body and working stress out of your muscles. After a massage, you feel rejuvenated and refreshed and generally more open with your body and mind. This can be the push you need to open up more to your partner. Perhaps you’ve been keeping a secret or a specific stressor at work has been weighing on your mind. After a relaxing massage where you open your body, it may be the perfect time to open your heart to your partner as well.

Of course, opening up, in general, is important to maintaining a healthy relationship, and if you’re struggling with communication, you may want to explore professional options in addition to massage therapy. Couples of all shapes and sizes can benefit from couples counseling. Especially within the LGBT community, there can be added pressure and discrimination you’re dealing with in addition to the relationship issues. If you’re in this situation, consider pursuing LGBT couples counseling to find peace and compassion between you and your spouse or partner. While massage therapy can aid in many cases, certain situations may require a trained counselor.

Lower Stress

Stress isn’t good for anyone, and it especially isn’t good for couples. Bringing in anxiety from work or stressing about finances can put a damper on a relationship. You carry stress in your bodies and within your muscles. The goal of massage is to work those out for maximum relaxation and to make you feel less fatigue. Getting a massage together will calm you both down and help erase the stress coming between you.

Ignite Romance

If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, the initial spark you felt in your early days may not be as vibrant years later. You need an excuse to put some romance back into your love life. A therapeutic massage can do just that. Think about the low lighting, pleasant smells, and soft music playing in the background while you a massage therapist strokes your body with lotion and works all your knots out. What could be more romantic?

Get In the Mood

Once you’re feeling that romantic chemistry, it becomes easier to transition into more intimate activities. A couple’s massage opens you up and leaves you ready for emotional intimacy as well as sexual intimacy.

Encourage Bonding

Perhaps the biggest benefit of couples massage therapy is the closeness it creates. A massage session is intimate and it provides an opportunity for you to feel close to your partner without the pressures and stress of the outside world. Doing something beneficial for both of you can remind you of your special connection and the love that you share. So even bodywork on the massage table opens you up to empathy and bonding within the relationship.